Mepla-Alfit, Grass Brands Being Merged

Kernersville, NC — The Würth Group, the parent company of cabinet hardware manufacturers Mepla-Alfit and Grass, is merging the two companies worldwide, corporate officials announced.

The move, to be completed by the end of 2008, will mean that cabinet manufacturers and cabinet shops using the Mepla-Alfit and Grass drawer slides, hinges and related hardware products will continue to receive the same products from both companies as before, but under the Grass brand.

Mepla has belonged to the globally operating Würth Group since 1996, Alfit since 2000, and Grass since 2004.

The development departments of Mepla-Alfit and Grass had already been merged, officials pointed out. In addition, various functional areas such as human resources development, purchasing and information technology already operate on a group-wide basis.

“Duplicating investments in identical product groups at different locations makes no entrepreneurial sense,” Würth Group officials said. “Only by focusing all the resources of Mepla-Alfit and Grass will it be possible to realize competitive sales prices and win market shares.

“The newly formed group of companies can look forward to synergy in a wide range of areas which will be invested in the future of the company and will safeguard jobs in the long term,” corporate officials said.

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