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CHICAGO, Nov. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Beck Technology and Innovaya today announced a development partnership to provide end-to-end cost estimating from concept to build. Through integrations with Sage Timberline Office, they provide customers with cost consistency across all project phases.

"This new partnership between Beck Technology DProfiler(TM) with RSMeans and Innovaya Visual Estimating integrated with Sage Timberline Office highlights the breadth and depth required of BIM solutions we are offering to address the multifaceted business needs of our customers," said John Geffel, Senior Vice President and General Manager Sage Software Construction and Real Estate business unit.

With Sage Timberline Office, customers create quick, accurate estimates backed by material, cost, and labor details. Through the integration with DProfiler(TM) with RSMeans, customers benefit from having the industry leading cost estimating engine during the planning and conceptual design phase. The Innovaya Visual Estimating integration with Sage Timberline Office provides cost estimating downstream, during design and build. The combined solution allows estimators to participate early in the process with costs that can be used as a benchmark throughout the project, thus bringing cost estimating into the realm of Macro BIM.

"We have the philosophy to not 'reinvent the wheel'," said Innovaya Founder and President Dr. Kevin Yu. "The goal is to integrate with the best applications already in use by AEC professionals. Beck Technology's DProfiler(TM) with RS Means and Sage Timberline Office meet those criteria. The combined solution benefits our customers and streamlines the AEC process."

Customer benefits of the integration also include more accurate bids and budgets that hold-up throughout the project. When changes are necessary downstream, they can be made intelligently, with real data.

"These integrations provide an end-to-end cost estimating solutions that will help our customers produce accurate conceptual bids and follow-through with consistent cost measures throughout their projects," said Stewart Carroll, COO of Beck Technology.

See DProfiler(TM) with RSMeans in booth #19 during the Sage Summit in Chicago.

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Innovaya provides innovative software technologies for the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries. These technologies, based on building information models (BIM), help AEC firms to maximize the potential of computer tools in design and construction processes. Companies that wish to gain advantages in today's ever competitive AEC markets will find Innovaya solutions beneficial. Visit for more information.

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Beck Technology, LLC, a Beck Company, is the leading provider of virtual model based solutions for accurately, quickly and cost effectively defining project scope and budgets. Beck Technology solutions provide real-time cost analysis, with 3D visualization; enabling users to quickly estimate project costs, perform feasibility analysis, and generate building performance and design criteria. As a leader in development and distribution of software and services for the design and construction industry, Beck has revolutionized the industry by allowing owners and developers to explore any number of project options, while increasing the accuracy of the decision-making process. Beck Technology brings with it the expertise of nearly a century in the design and construction industry and is a pioneer in bringing the next generation of truly innovative technologies to the AEC industry. Visit for more information.

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