Hickory Hardware Sponsoring HGTV Series

Nashville, TN — Hickory Hardware, the Nashville, TN-based manufacturer of decorative and functional hardware, is sponsoring HGTV Pro’s online video series Building the 2008 HGTV Dream Homes, the company announced.

The sponsorship includes online and television video segments, banner advertisements, marketplace listings that target both builders and consumers, and inclusion of Hickory Hardware products in the 2008 HGTV Dream Homes in the Florida Keys, the company said.

Hickory Hardware and HGTV Pro have produced several video segments focusing on decorative and functional hardware. The segments will be featured on HGTV Pro’s Web site, as well as on HGTV Pro Weekly, a network TV series produced by HGTV Pro, officials noted.

The videos, which began airing in October, cover topics such as trends in kitchen cabinet hardware.

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