Bill Passed Mandating Higher-Efficiency Toilets in CA

Sacramento, CA — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed into law a bill that mandates a timeline for the gradual conversion to high- efficiency toilets and urinals in California.

The signing of the bill was announced by California Assembly Member Jon Laird, a sponsor of the bill, and the Plumbing Manufacturers Institute (PMI), which strongly backed the legislation.

The bill is the first of its kind in the nation, according to Laird, and will help meet the needs of the estimated 500,000 new residents in California each year, saving more than eight billion gallons of water by the tenth year of implementation. The state currently suffers from frequent water shortages.

“Water conservation is the quickest, cheapest way to manage our water supply and address the impact of population growth and global warming,” said Laird.

The bill will require all new homes, schools, office buildings and other construction to utilize high-efficiency toilets, said Laird.
Many existing toilets average 1.6 gallons per flush. Current high-efficiency toilets use 1.28 gallons per flush or less, while high-efficiency urinals use one-half gallon per flush or less.

Under the new law, plumbing manufacturers will have to commit to producing at least half of their toilet models sold in California to be high efficiency by 2010, according to the PMI. One hundred percent of all toilets sold in California will have to meet the new flush standards by 2014, they added.

Along with backing by the PMI, the bill was supported by several manufacturers in the plumbing industry.

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