Surfaces in Any Shape with Hints of Green

A growing sensitivity and mindfulness exists within the architectural and design world to more fully embrace the use of eco-friendly products that are both renewable and sustainable. Syndecrete is a natural, cement-based composite that is half the weight of ordinary concrete with twice the compressive strength.

Offered in precast pieces, its aesthetic properties include integral pigmentation, and aggregates mixed to create distinctive color and texture. It is more resistant to chipping and cracking than conventional concrete, tile and stone, and has workability more akin to wood than cement-based products.

This product lends itself to sleek, simplistic modern design, and because it is lightweight it can be used in creative, almost limitless ways. A standardized product line includes 8-ft. slabs, three sink styles and tile sizes, all available in 13 colors and 12 aggregates. It is comprised of a variety of natural aggregates and recycled carpet fibers. No polymers or resins are used.

The stewardship of our natural environment is an integral quality of the leadership of the building industry. So remember, high-performance green features translate to higher market values in residential applications. Call 310-829-9704 or visit for details.

David Hertz has worked for John Lautner, FAIA, as well as Frank Gehry, FAIA, and has a degree in architecture. After forming David Hertz Architects, he developed Syndecrete. Hertz’s work has been honored with industry awards. He is a LEED Accredited Professional.