Mattamy Homes Gives "Home Delivery" A Whole New Meaning

Every working day, at Mattamy Homes' innovative new Stelumar plant in Milton, a just-completed, high quality home glides out the doors of the high-tech facility.

From there a sophisticated transporter carefully moves each home, complete with cabinetry, flooring, painting, plumbing, and electrical fixtures, to a waiting concrete foundation. A powerful and highly flexible transporter gently delivers the home - up to 3,300 square feet and 30 tonnes in weight. Once in place, it receives finishing touches - brickwork, utility connections and a porch light.

Mattamy Homes has further demonstrated its industry leadership by investing tens of millions of dollars on the research and development of innovative methods of building entire homes in a climate-controlled manufacturing environment.

For the second year in a row, J.D. Power and Associates reports that Mattamy Homes ranks highest in new-home buyer satisfaction in the GTA. Our company continues to pursue ways of further improving the homeowner experience through enhanced product quality and increasingly reliable closing dates.

Among the guests at today's grand opening and official launch of the 76,000 square foot state-of-the art facility, were Ontario Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister John Gerretsen, Halton Region Chairman Gary Carr and Milton Mayor and Regional Councilor, Gordon Krantz. Other guests included Halton Hills Mayor Rick Bonette, Oakville Mayor Rob Burton, Burlington Mayor Cam Jackson and other elected officials, and Karen Kinsley, President and CEO of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

"This facility is another example of the initiative and resourcefulness demonstrated by Ontario's homebuilders," said Gerretsen. "Homebuilders continue to provide the leadership and innovation to meet the needs of Ontario families and build great communities."

The Milton assembly plant will build approximately 250 homes a year.

Mattamy Homes President and CEO Peter Gilgan pointed out some of the many advantages of the plant's fully controlled environment, "It eliminates delays caused by bad weather and the winter months, improves worker safety and creates high quality through advanced building techniques and materials such as engineered floors and polyurethane foam insulation.

Mr. Gilgan added, "There are also many environmental benefits. For example, Whole Home Manufacturing requires about 25 percent less wood by design. With about a thousand homes in this Milton subdivision to be built at the plant over the next four years, this will save about 12,000 trees or roughly 100 acres of forest. We also significantly reduce construction waste. Raw material off-cuts are reused and/or recycled. These homes are highly energy efficient and receive a CSA stamp of approval before they leave our plant."

In addition, showing further respect for the environment, after the Milton community is complete, the Stelumar plant will be dismantled and reused elsewhere. Even the asphalt it sits on will be recycled.

"There is going to be much more to this great story down the road," said Ron Cauchi, Mattamy's President of Stelumar Advanced Manufacturing Inc. "After pioneering our indoor home building techniques in Cambridge, and refining them in Milton, we're in the planning stages for additional manufacturing facilities in the markets where we operate, but no decisions have been made on locations."

     Fact Sheet     Mattamy Homes     Stelumar Advanced Manufacturing Inc. (SAMI)     -------------------------------------------------------------------------              Mattamy Homes Is Committed To Customer Satisfaction     -  For the second year in a row, J.D. Power and Associates reports that        Mattamy Homes ranks highest in new-home buyer satisfaction in the GTA     -  Mattamy Homes is using its innovative Whole Home Manufacturing        technology to produce new homes complete in almost every respect,        including plumbing, wiring, cabinetry, windows, roofs, interior        painting and more at its new Stelumar plant in Milton     -  Whole Home Manufacturing avoids bad weather - helping with on-time        delivery. It ensures consistent high quality and energy efficiency        through the latest building technology, and contributes to worker        safety in part because roofs are built at floor level, then hoist into        place        Environmental benefits of Stelumar-built homes include:     -  Using about one quarter less wood through efficient CAD value        engineering. In the Milton subdivision, approximately one thousand        homes will be built by Stelumar over four years. These advanced        techniques will save some 12,000 trees or roughly 100 acres of forest     -  Less waste associated with manufacturing process     -  More reuse of large off-cuts (wood scraps)     -  Manufacturer recycling of unusable small off-cuts     -  Better insulated walls and roof     -  Even the Stelumar plant will be disassembled later and then put        together again and re-used elsewhere        Stelumar building facts:     -  Stelumar homes are from 1,500 to 3,300 square feet in size and the        largest weigh up to 30 tonnes     -  The homes are moved carefully to their lots on a powerful,        sophisticated transporter operated by remote control and lowered into        place with hydraulic jacks     -  At its site, the home receives brickwork and service connections     -  Stelumar homes are completed at the rate of one each working day        (approximately 250) a year and at any given time, 10 homes are in        various stages of production     -  It takes 10 days to build a home, compared with 16 to 20 weeks using        traditional building methods     -  The average price of a home manufactured at Mattamy's Stelumar plant        in Milton is $350,000     -  The plant has 120 employees including highly trained home assemblers        and office staff     -  Mattamy has invested tens of millions of dollars in developing Whole        Home Manufacturing Techniques and has refined and expanded upon        methods used at the first Stelumar plant in Cambridge     -  Cambridge remains vital to Mattamy's operations because highly        engineered wallboard and floorboard is produced there for all Mattamy        homes     -  Whole Home Manufacturing delivers 95 percent completed homes to sites        - quite different from modular techniques that involve pre-building        sections then connecting on site and continuing building        conventionally     -  Stelumar homes receive the CSA stamp of quality as they leave the        plant        Advantages of building homes in a climate-controlled environment        include:     -  Improving on-time delivery by eliminating delays caused by weather        problems and the winter months     -  Achieving consistently high quality results     -  Creating a safer, more efficient and more comfortable workplace     -  Employing advanced building techniques and materials such as        engineered floors, creating optimum conditions for painting and dry-        walling and the use of advanced insulation materials

Mattamy Homes - a national leader in homebuilding, is a privately-held company. The name "Mattamy" is short for the first names of Peter Gilgan's children Matthew and Amy and "Stelumar" is short for Stephanie, Luke and Marcus.

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