Lagotek Home Intelligence Platform (HIP) Version 3.3

Lagotek announced version 3.3 of its Home Intelligence Platform (HIP), which allows home owners to control their Lagotek home system with their cell phone. In addition to controlling the house, home owners can view what is going on in their homes from anywhere in the world.

Integration with Lagotek's new universal distribution device, the Lagotek HIP 25, and coupled with media browsing, makes it easy to distribute and access audio, provide infrared (IR) and RS232 control throughout the house over Ethernet. With added intercom functionality, control of irrigation systems, IR control for audio/video equipment, Mode editor capability, support for DSC security panels and RCS thermostats (both Z-Wave and RS-232), Lagotek provides compelling differentiation to both new construction and remodeling markets.

CEO of Lagotek Eugene Luskin states, "The features offered by version 3.3 make Lagotek's system one of the most advanced Home Automation solutions available today and its cell phone integration makes it stand out in the crowd. With its new functionality, Lagotek's Home Intelligence Platform provides the best value for the money. From home to home, community to community, automation will be in every home in the near future."

The new features in version 3.3 of Lagotek's Home Intelligence Platform provide home owners with a solution that integrates the best of home entertainment with the best of home control.

Cell phone support

From a cell phone running Lagotek's Home Application, the home owner can execute Modes, view live footage from video cameras installed throughout the home, check the status of lighting and climate (i.e. the number of lights turned on and what the temperature is in different areas of the home), and receive Alerts powered by Rules.

Modes are user-defined macro presets that enable the home owner to create customized functionality scenarios so all home systems work together with a single touch of a button. For example, Modes such as "On my way home," "Arm my security system," "I am away," etc. can incorporate multiple functions to occur simultaneously such as arming the security system along with climate and lighting adjustments. Alerts can tell the home owner if there is a breach in security, or if the temperature in the house goes below a pre-set threshold.

The cell phone functionality solution has been developed in cooperation with Crayon Interface and is powered by Moshi server technology.

Lagotek HIP25

This universal distribution device primarily targets the new construction market and is the size of a typical two gang box which is wall mounted and can be chain linked using a standard Ethernet cable. This device has audio inputs and outputs both on the back and the front of the device. Additionally, it incorporates IR inputs and outputs, as well as an RS232 connection to control RS232 devices. This approach provides one product solution for multi-zone audio distribution and control.


Intercom functionality in Lagotek's Home Intelligence Platform offers the homeowner an extremely flexible communication solution. The homeowner can talk from one HIP100 wall mounted panel to another and communicate with PDA, UMPC and PC devices, video cameras (with built in microphone and speaker) and front door intercoms. This solution is integrated with the doorbell, and plays a "DoorTone" on every device in the home running the Lagotek system, allowing the homeowner to easily switch to the camera installed at the front door to talk to the visitor.


In addition to GE NX8E security panels, Lagotek's system now supports DSC security panels and offers a simplified user interface. Two large buttons that say "Arm Stay" and "Arm Away" display on the screen if the system is not armed, which makes it much easier for the homeowner to navigate the security system.


Version 3.3 adds a simple way to create and run irrigation programs that allow the homeowner to define timing and duration settings by zone. In addition, a special "Rainy day" program turns irrigation off for the day on rainy days. Irrigation setting changes can be made from the HIP device so the homeowner doesn't have to run to the garage to make the changes.

IR Control

Infra Red commands required to control audio and video equipment can be combined in groups (macros) and run from any HIP device. The homeowner can create a "Watch Discovery Channel" macro command and run it from any panel to set to the right input, right channel and right volume. IR control macros can be integrated with Modes to have both media and whole home control under one button.

Mode Editor

Previous versions of Lagotek's Home Intelligence platform provided homeowners with a powerful application called "Modes." Modes allow home owners to customize the functionality of multiple systems within the home via a preset to be executed at any time with a click of a button. With Mode Editor, the homeowner can view each Mode and make changes or add new settings. As an example, the homeowner can add an extra lamp dimmed to the desired level to an existing mode or simply create a new Mode based on the settings established from the existing Mode. Mode editor makes it easy to clone an existing mode, modify and save it under a new name. The homeowner can also add IR Macros to Modes, so the "Watch Discovery Channel" Mode mentioned earlier can switch the TV to the Discovery channel, turn the lights off, bring the blinds down and turn the music off in the rest of the home. Mode editor is part of the PC version of Lagotek's Home Intelligence Platform.

Other improvements in version 3.3

For simple installations, the HIP system now supports RCS Z-Wave and RS-232 thermostats. Additionally, images from video cameras now have a faster refresh rate on the HIP100 panels and climate application now supports both Fahrenheit and Celsius functionality.

Upgrading to version 3.3

Users of previous versions of the Lagotek Home Intelligence Platform should contact their installer for pricing to upgrade to version 3.3. The cell phone application requires a data plan and monthly service fees.

Lagotek's Distributed system using Dual Wireless Technology helps bring Home Automation to Every Home

Lagotek's Home Intelligence Platform does not rely on a single server to control the home. It runs on multiple devices simultaneously as if multiple brains control the home, all working as one team. Each device has a complete knowledge of everything happening in the home and can control all features. Lagotek's HIP100 panels run both WiFi and Z-Wave together, providing scalability to any size network.

About Z-Wave

Lagotek is a member of the Z-Wave alliance. Z-Wave(TM) is a low-cost, two-way, mesh network communications technology that enables everyday devices to be controlled and monitored wirelessly and securely from anywhere in the world. Z-Wave is a fully developed, proven, affordable, easy-to-use and interoperable technology that is available in the products from more than 150 companies today.

About Lagotek

Lagotek Corporation was founded in 2004 with the vision of bringing automation to every home to improve the quality of people's lives. Powered by dual-wireless technology, Lagotek's Home Intelligence platform makes the luxury of whole home control available to everyone. Distributed and supported by a network of Lagotek Certified Professional Installers, Lagotek's system equally suits both new construction and existing homes.

Lagotek's Home Intelligence platform is an open architecture that empowers third-party developers to build their own Home Automation solutions.

The company is headquartered at 11661 S.E. 1stSt., Ste. 208, Bellevue, WA 98005.

Visit Lagotek atwww.lagotek.comor call (425) 455-2165.

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