Sun Design Remodeling, Burke, Va.
Project location: Woodbridge, Va.
Sq. ft. before: 0
Sq. ft. after: 238
Project cost: $183,000

The first challenge for this Conservatory/Sunroom winning project was to create a seamless tie-in to the existing contemporary architecture with a traditional English/Colonial style conservatory. The room was designed to fit by incorporating a matching brick knee wall. A contrasting color of aluminum material was used on the exterior of the room. This set apart the new architecture style from the existing in a manner that enhanced the room by utilizing the large, light colored walls of the house as a backdrop. The unique mahogany framing material on the interior warms the feel of the room in a way that is consistent with the wood tones and warm colors found throughout the interior and exterior of the house.

The second challenge was that the homeowners were told by previous contractors it would be impossible to design an addition with a glass roof safe from potential leaks. A two-part protection system was used to prevent leaking. The exterior flashing was run behind the EIFS surface and a secondary internal gutter system was installed. This was done to direct any potential water through the wall and out the foundation drain system.

For the third challenge the design needed to incorporate the existing windows. The roof system was designed to work with the locations of the existing windows and does not impair the flow of light into the interior rooms of the home. The unique shape of the roof also adds a distinct architectural experience to the space.

The final challenge included the mahogany wanted to use for framing. It was not approved under existing building codes, but through detailed analysis and extensive engineering of the framing material, the contractor was able to get it approved for use.
This year’s judges saw the wonderful ingenuity and problem solving that went into this project. They felt it was a great solution to a difficult plan.

Products specified:

Hardware: Schlage
HVAC: Carrier
Insulation: Dow-Corning
Lighting Fixtures: Tec-Lighting
Roofing: Old Castle
Sheathing: Georgia Pacific
Siding: Dryvit
Specialty Windows: Solar Innovations

The Sullivan Co., Inc.
Newton, Mass.

Colorado Classic Sunrooms
Denver, Colo.