Universal Design

Artistic Renovations, LLC, Seven Hills, Ohio
Project cost: $40,000

The owners of this bathroom had several unique areas of concern, not the least of which was the dated 1970s look of the bathroom itself. The existing bathroom had a toilet and shower area that were extremely difficult to navigate, especially as the client, at times, uses a walker to get around.

The jetted tub was totally inaccessible due to the high front wall. The homeowner literally had to crawl across the platform to get to the tub. The client also wanted to rework the entire bathroom to make it wheelchair friendly, should it be necessary to use one in the future. With this in mind, the sinks were designed to allow for a wheelchair to be used. The threshold of the shower is only a 1 in. high. The shower has a bench and hand-held shower controls can be operated from a sitting position.

Grab bars, which match the towel bars, are discretely placed throughout the bathroom. There are also many convenience items, such as an ironing board, light and outlet hidden in a cabinet, barrier-free handles on all faucets, motion sensing lights for hand-free entry even in the dark, telescoping makeup mirror and well placed hand-held shower in soaking tub.

Lastly, the client had brought back some hand-painted ceramic tiles from a recent trip overseas which they wished to somehow incorporate into the design. Of course, all this had to be accomplished without the project looking like it was being set up for special needs.

The judges felt this universal design was well thought out, attractive and functional.

Lytle Construction, Inc.
Sacramento, Calif.