Bathrooms over $50,000

Platt Builders, Groton, Mass.
Project location: Carlisle, Mass.

A busy, two-career couple, with one child in high school decided it was time to renovate their family home, about an hour west of Boston in the town of Carlisle, Mass.

The couple’s existing master bathroom seemed squeezed into leftover space. It had the feel of a 1989 production builder design. Immediately after working to renovate their vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard, they turned their attention to this master bath. They wanted a radical departure in form, color and feel. And that is exactly what Platt Builders of Groton, Mass. delivered.

The resulting room is stripped of its various partitions and knee-walls. A built-in jetted bath was replaced with a free-standing, minimalist, egg-shaped vessel. The built-in vanity was also pulled out in favor of a sleeker custom-designed vanity that sits on legs. Like a piece of furniture, it leaves space between it and the surrounding walls. By removing as much clutter as possible and installing a floor-to-ceiling glass box for the shower, the room is transformed from a cluttered bundle of distinct functional spaces, to one very beautiful, clean space.

The defining feature of the room, prepared by W. Timothy Hess and Justin Mello, is a distinctively designed wainscoting. Visible within the shower, behind the tub and around the vanity and toilet, the horizontally dimensioned wainscoting provides the little room its own horizon, says company president Halsey Platt.

The judging panel loved the project from the start. In preliminary judging based on criteria of aesthetic appeal, construction detail, overall impression and functionality of space, the judges awarded perfect scores of 10.

“The best presentation I have seen,” said one judge. “It is a very beautiful space and it is very well done.”

Platt pitched the project under the theme of “Serenity Delivered.” And if one considers the hectic pace of a busy, two-career family, delivering serenity is quite an accomplishment.

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