Room Remodel

Brothers Strong Inc., Houston, Texas

Project location: Richmond, Texas
Sq. ft. before: 288
Sq. ft. after: 444
Project cost: $126,530

The goal of this room remodel was to convert an existing 1970s style “rec room” into a state-of-the art home theater/media room with an “Ice House” feel. To accomplish this, the ceiling was removed and exposed cedar trusses were installed.

Commercial-grade exposed ductwork was installed in place of the previous attic duct work. Hand-carved/distressed wood floors were laid out; brick was installed along one interior to warm the room; entertainment center was customized for a 5-ft. TV and remote controlled 12-in. wide drop down movie screen.

There was also an expansion of the 156-sq.-ft game area out into an unused attic alcove and out underneath the existing covered balcony which overhangs the pool. The old attic access was then converted to include a stone arched entry, beverage center with microwave, and electronics control cabinet and CD storage.

By borrowing from existing unused, unconditioned space, this project could not have been more sensitive to the existing structure. Working with an AIA architect, the expanded footprint was designed to convert an unused attic alcove into the refreshment area off to the side and the 96-sq.-ft. expansion under the existing covered balcony.

Decorative trusses were added with decorative planks stained complementary colors in between them. Faux painting the drywall was also done to reflect a water-damaged stucco which reveals the “brick” hidden beneath. The “brick” hidden beneath the “stucco” actually matches the brick that was installed along the opposite wall!

With this room makeover, the homeowners were able to get more space for the gathering place they were looking for. The new room remains both warm and inviting but clearly retains a fun, playful feel.

Products specified:

Brick/masonry: Owens-Corning Cultured Stone
Flooring: Andersen Flooring
Appliances: Sub-Zero, GE
Windows: Pella

PDB Fine Cabinetry
Vero Beach, Fla.

Honorable mention:
PDB Fine Cabinetry
Vero Beach, Fla.