Deck/Porch/Outdoor Living

Construction Corp., Washington, D.C.

Project location: Kensington, Md.
Sq. ft. before: 1,326
Sq. ft. after: 1,911
Project cost: $120,000

The homeowners of this winning outdoor living project wanted to improve the front elevation of their home and have a protected outdoor area to enjoy. They also had two front doors to their house, which was aesthetically unappealing and a constant source of confusion for visitors.

During the initial investigation, the company found that a previous contractor had installed a dropped beam at the kitchen ceiling that was improperly sized and was beginning to deflect visibly. Because the kitchen was at the front of the house, it was a structural problem that the design would need to solve. After a thorough investigation, the structural defects of the existing house were resolved by properly sizing and raising the original beam so it no longer projected down from the kitchen.
The front door that was near the driveway was eliminated and converted into a window to bring more light into the kitchen.

The second front door was relocated to face the street, thereby creating a clear approach and entry for visitors. To the left of the front door and inset portion of the existing floor plan allowed the remodeling team to create a deeper area for a table and seating.

The homeowners were interested in incorporating as many wood products as possible that were harvested from sustainable forests. After much deliberation and research, it was agreed that Lyptus wood was the best product for the porch floor. This wood, while harvested in Brazil, grows to maturity in approximately 15 years.

The judges were amazed that the house seems to have been pushed past the setback of the other houses and felt that this was an impressive transformation with well-thought-out space.

Today, the homeowners can now spend their evenings on their new front porch addition, as they receive frequent compliments from neighbors and passers-by.

Products specified:

Door: Marvin Windows and Doors
Insulation: CertainTeed
Roofing: CertainTeed
Siding: Maibec
Windows: Marvin Windows and Doors

Benson Builders, Inc.
Virginia Beach, Va.

Lewis Aquatech
Chantilly, Va.