Glass of Its Own

Jockimo Advanced Architectural Products provides innovative glass and mirror installations as well as interactive floors to brighten any style of home. These products, previously seen in casinos and nightclubs can now be seen in the home.

Jockimo Inc., based in Newport Beach, Calif., aims to provide unique decorating solutions for commercial and residential spaces, including interactive glass, mirrors and flooring. The company’s glass flooring, stairs and landings are its hottest residential products, says Tim Czechowski, owner.

“We are the only company to offer a UL-approved anti-slip-top surface. The stairs have bee-bees on top, fused to the glass that tickle the foot preventing any scratches,” Czechowski explains. “We also engineer each of our products to make it safe for a particular project, so if we sell a high-liability product like glass flooring, we make sure it’s safe.”

Jockimo’s safety considerations make its products ideal for homes with children. The most popular kid-related product is the Liquid Lava Flooring Tiles. This flooring system consists of liquid sealed within the tiles. When pressure is applied, the floor literally moves and swirls around one’s feet with color and light. “The Liquid Lava is great for use in children’s bedrooms, play areas, bathrooms and on table tops. The liquid is non-toxic and the interactive tiles can entertain kids for hours,” he says.

Jockimo products’ interactive features are designed to put a modern spin on walls and floors while fitting in with the color scheme of any room, and are customizable for any style of home or room. They’re also made in the United States.

The most innovative and customizable product Jockimo offers is the Mirror Unique line of specialty glass available in 20 different styles. While most popular on walls, the Mirror Unique is handmade to fit any space. “Their inspiration came from the 1980s when mirror walls were very popular,” Czechowski explains. “Our mirrors can be made to look like marble or granite, but are less expensive than the actual material. The Mirror Unique can be up to 1-in. thick.”

Jockimo sells to builders or architects, and the company will even ship to building sites. This fall, the company’s products will be featured on HGTV on the show “I Want That,” Czechowski says. “We’ve gotten great responses from homeowners so we hope to expand our residential market through the media, and people seeing our products commercially and contacting us to get it in their homes.” To get a closer look at Jockimo products, check out a Hard Rock Café, or Google’s Chicago offices.

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