Passion can make all the difference

When budgets get tight, and clients are looking for places to cut back on expenses, do you know the first place they look? According to our research, they cut back on landscaping first. The next place they look to cut costs is home electronics. This is a shame if you ask me, and quite short-sighted, too.

It’s a shame because home technology can make a homeowner’s life so much better, easier and enjoyable. It’s a shame also because no one is making profit on all the design and installation work involved to make the technology function properly.

It’s short-sighted because the homeowners will not easily be able to add, say, a home theater, lighting control or distributed audio months or years down the road. So when their friends are enjoying the newest technologies and conveniences, they’ll be trapped in their technology-less home, wondering why their builder didn’t persuade them against cutting back on technology when they had the chance to prevent such a mistake.

Clients place a mountain of trust in you, so it’s your job to sell them products you believe in. If you believe a whole-house lighting control system is an essential part of your clients’ home that they’ll regret not having, then tell them so. They might not know any better. And you never want your client to say, “You didn’t tell me about that. If you did, I would have bought it.”

Here’s what one of your peers had to say about his influence over clients. “People are willing to pay for what their builder thinks is worth it,” said John Cioe, who owns Lusso Homes of Distinction in Scottsdale, Ariz. “The reality is most clients are looking for their builder to tell them what are the most important elements in the house. So if a builder doesn’t believe in technology, the client won’t either. Once your customers believe you’re the expert, they’ll buy anything from you.”

John was talking about technology when he said this, but it applies to selling any product. And you needn’t try hard to sell to clients, because if you have passion for designing and building custom homes, talking to them about products won’t even feel like selling. Your passion will come through, and clients will believe in you.

Remember, your clients have passion for their home, so you should too. Your work is your clients’ lifelong dream, so don’t shortchange them by not educating them about all the great products and technologies that can make their home a dream.