Rain-Free Outdoors from Berger Building Products

Some companies have been around a long time, helping to make American homes more comfortable and beautiful. Between its underdeck rain carrying system, copper gutter systems and new trimboards, Berger Building Products is just such a company.

In the July issue of Qualified Remodeler, we brought you DrySnap. This vinyl underdeck rain-carrying system is designed to create a dry, outdoor living area beneath any raised deck.

“A lot of the products we make are roof drainage products, like gutter systems in steel, aluminum or copper,” says Scott Petronio with Berger Building Product’s marketing department. “We also get into some other products like synthetic underlayment, a wide variety of snow retention systems and ventilation products.”

Berger also has a line of products that focus on maintenance-free outdoor living. This includes its ProDeck line of composite and vinyl railing systems, its new cellular PVC Trimboards and DrySnap.

Berger Building Products, Inc. has been servicing the roofing and siding industry since 1874. The company was founded in Philadelphia. In the past few years Berger has opened production and distribution facilities in Chicago, Sacramento, Dallas and Springfield, Mass. in an attempt to provide local manufacturing and distribution for our customer base.

“One of the biggest things that homeowners are trying to do is maximize the space that they have,” explains Petronio.

“DrySnap allows them to maximize the outside space. When a homeowner builds a deck, they don’t end up using it all that much except to grill on.”

The underside of the deck would typically have rain coming through it or may not be all that pleasing to look at. With Berger’s DrySnap product, there is essentially a ceiling that brightens up that area, makes it look like a flat panel, and really makes it look like a living area.

Berger is also well-known for its copper gutter systems, which come in K style, half round, and EuroCraft. The EuroCraft line has a really sleek line to it with European styling. This line doesn’t have any crimps and has rounded end caps. EuroCraft can be great if a homeowner wants to bring out the beauty and are looking for something a little bit different.

As this company continues to flourish, Berger is always searching for the next new product to add to its expanding product lines. “We certainly continue to grow as a company and look to provide to our distributors a complete line of exterior building products,” says Petronio. “We look for products that we think our distributors will want to offer.”