Julien Opening Trio of New Distribution Hubs

Quebec City, Canada — In an effort to maximize product distribution and stock space, kitchen and bath plumbing products supplier Julien has opened a new distribution facility in Boston, with sister facilities set to open in Los Angeles and Denver in the near future, the company announced.

According to v.p. of Julien Home Refinements, Lloyd Leblanc, additional distribution hubs will also open in Miami and Chicago in 2008.

While Julien’s production department will remain in Quebec City, the distribution centers in key U.S. cities “will ensure lightning-quick delivery” of the company’s 25 product lines, Leblanc said.

“We are looking to get Julien products into the hands of consumers and dealers faster,” said Leblanc. “Opening facilities in Los Angeles, Boston and Denver has allowed us to stock items closer to their destination and we are seeing tremendous response.”

Leblanc said that orders can be shipped within a 24-hour window.

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