Ornamental Products Completes Acquisition, Merger Initiatives

High Point, NC — Ornamental Products, Inc., the High Point, NC-based manufacturer of decorative components for furniture and cabinetry, has joined forces with two companies that will reinforce its market position, the company announced.
Ornamental Products last month announced it has acquired Woodmasters of Thomasville, Inc., a manufacturer of carvings and furniture, and is merging product lines with Kok’s Woodgoods, Inc., which offers a premium line of decorative retail millwork for the lumber and furniture industries.

Ornamental Products manufactures a product line that includes decorative wood mouldings, ornaments, grilles and textured panels, as well as polyester resin and polyurethane parts.

Woodmasters, originally from Thomasville, has already moved its operations into Ornamental Products’ High Point headquarters, the company said, adding that the arrangement, for the first time, provides Ornamental with CNC capability, increasing its manufacturing capacity and efficiency.

The Michigan-based Kok’s Woodgoods, which emphasizes classic architectural detail, “will add some new looks to OPI’s inventory and its designers will have an important [amount of] influence on future products,” noted Ornamental Products’ General Manager Jack Nagy.

“A business can’t stand still, especially in this competitive but uncertain market,” Nagy continued. “Fortunately, the market continues to respond favorably to what we have to offer, allowing us to expand in ways that not only increase our output, but further encourage our creativity, as well.”

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