Lestorti Re-Enters Cabinet Market With New LesCare Entity

Margate, FL — James C. Lestorti, considered for years to be one of the cabinet industry’s leading innovators and marketers through his association with LesCare Cabinetry, Inc., has returned to the industry after a brief hiatus.

Lestorti announced last month that he has re-entered the kitchen and bath industry with a business entity consisting of showrooms, manufacturing facilities and product lines. His objective, he said, is to establish an international distribution network through dealers and retailers.

The new conglomerate, according to Lestorti, will be the first vertically integrated concern of its kind in the country. Through existing entities and acquisitions that are currently taking place, supplies will be owned and controlled by the corporation, enabling faster-than-normal turnaround in product delivery.

“Based on past experience, too many times we had our cabinets ready to go and were held up by suppliers not delivering on time,” said Lestorti. “This issue has been eliminated.”

The new corporate structure includes Boynton Beach, FL-based Princeton Industries, LesCare Kitchen Gallery Showcases by Princeton Industries, and LKBI/LesCare. Lestorti has partnered in the venture with Bradley Brewster and Marc Kaye, owners of Princeton Industries and well-known cabinet designers in the greater Florida area.

The partnership purchased two showrooms in Boynton Beach and Coral Springs, Lestorti said, adding that showrooms in Miami and Vero Beach are being redesigned “to showcase top-of-the-line products and samples.”
The partnership has also acquired the Design Crafters manufacturing plant and showroom in Margate, FL, Lestorti said. The 40,000-sq.-ft., facility, along with another 15,000-sq.-ft. annex for finishing, will enable the company to roll out several product lines to supply the Southeast region, he noted. Two cabinet lines currently being launched include “Simplicity” and “LesCare’s America.”

In addition, the one-million-square-foot former Hooker Furniture manufacturing plant in Martinsville, VA was purchased to provide the foundation to take the company’s operation to an international level for large-scale retailers, dealers and distributors, Lestorti said. He added that negotiations are underway with well-known national retailers to offer exclusive product lines that will also be the first of their kind.

“Much has been completed and accomplished with the new LesCare Cabinetry operation, and more is to come,” Lestorti commented. “In the meantime, past clients are stepping up and pledging significant business with the new LesCare.”

“I grew up in the business,” Lestorti added. “My father founded LesCare. I understand people’s lifestyle changes and what they want with their cabinetry throughout their home or business. Everyone wants an exclusive design, attention-grabbing details, and the best product for the best price. That’s what I always have, and always will, build my business on.”

Aside from cabinetry, Lestorti holds business interests in the music industry, including artist management, recording, song-writing, publishing, distribution and a co-operative for emerging and established music talent. He is also involved in automotive racing, movie-making and a variety of other business interests, including investments, commercial and industrial real estate, consultation, venture capital, machinery and crisis management.

He can be contacted at (561) 706-9172.

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