KBDN’s 2007 Appliance Guide

The phrase “There’s something for everyone” can be used to describe the current kitchen appliance market, as manufacturers in this segment continue the trend of customizing their products to suit specific needs.
Technology leads the way, as appliances expand their multifunctional capabilities. Ovens that refrigerate, cooktops that provide multiple cooking sources, and refrigerators that switch to freezer and back again are all part of today’s kitchen fabric.

Small spaces are no longer a problem for designers as far as appliances are concerned, as a range of high-end products are now produced on a smaller scale. Refrigerator columns, undercounter units and drawers make it easy to place refrigeration wherever its needed, while wall ovens get smaller as their cooking cavities expand. Rangehoods feature innovative designs and can be placed inconspicuously above large cooktops and smaller island prep areas.
Finishes and colors are getting another look, with fingerprint-resistant stainless steel and oil-rubbed bronze taking a stand alongside pastels and jewel-toned coatings.

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