Scent-Sational Fireplace

Lopi’s gas aromatherapy fireplaces are portrait-style models that saturate the home with exquisite aroma. The design of these fireplaces was inspired by a demand for small fireplaces that could fit in rooms of bed and breakfasts.

The response to this demand was to create a smaller-than-standard fireplace suitable for any room of the house, says Kurt Rumens, president, Travis Industries, a company that offers Lopi products, based in Mukilteo, Wash. These fireplaces can be installed on walls in nontraditional places in the home. “Anyone in the room can see this fireplace,” Rumens explains, “People and architects have been specifying this for kitchens up at the counter level, in hallways and at the end of the bathtub. It revolutionizes where you can put a fireplace.”

The aromatherapy feature — new technology in the fireplace market — combines heat and essential aromatherapy oils to saturate the home with welcoming aromas. Aromatherapy works via a keystone inside the fireplace that slides out to reveal a hidden stainless steel chamber where the aromatherapy oil can be added. After sliding the compartment back into position, the oil is heated and aroma is cast throughout the home.

Three aromatic scents are available: a relaxing lavender aroma called On Cloud 9; a eucalyptus aroma to energize and promote freshness called Somebody Wake Up Edna; and ylang ylang, a scent derived from the Orient that simulates an aphrodisiac, called Love Potion #10. Although Lopi offers only three essential aromatherapy oils, almost any heat-activated scented oil can be added to the stainless steel chamber, Rumens adds.

These fireplaces can be temperature-controlled and offer on/off timers. The only disadvantage to having an aromatherapy fireplace is that, “you will spend more time at home,” Rumens jokes.

There are many personalization options as well. “Our big word we are keying on to our end users is ‘personalize’ your fireplace. You have a choice of interiors and exteriors,” Rumens says. A total of 60 personalization options are available, including six different face designs and 10 interior designs.

As gas models, these fireplaces are virtually maintenance-free and installation is easy. Lopi aromatic fireplaces can be installed in as little as one afternoon. “There are all types of finishes and styles that can be done in literally half a day,” Rumens explains. There are more than 1,000 Lopi outlets in the United States, and Lopi works closely with builders and architects. Typically builders contact Lopi and work with them to install the fireplace.

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