Moisture Barriers from Protecto Wrap

Moisture is always a concern in home remodeling today. As we learn more about mold growth, material rot and water penetration, it is important to shield homes in the best way possible to avoid the onset of problems, both for the home, homeowner and remodeler who could get stuck fixing the mistake later. One way to help avoid these problems is house wraps. Protecto Wrap Company is aiding the cause with their various peel-and-stick waterproofing membranes.

The March ’07 issue of Qualified Remodeler featured Protecto Wraps Company’s Triple Guard Sill Sealer. Triple Guard’s triple protection adheres to the face of the foundation, the top of the foundation wall and the face of the sill plate/skirt board, totally sealing off the cold joint between the foundation and the frame. Triple Guard’s unique and patented design combines the peel-and-stick waterproofing characteristics of Protecto Wrap’s waterproofing membranes with a 3/8-in. thick closed cell foam sill sealer, forming a gasket seal to virtually eliminate any air, moisture and insect or rodent infiltration beneath the sill plate.

“Many of the products we have developed are a direct result of input from our customers,” says Timothy Schettler, vice president of sales and marketing for Protecto Wrap Company. “We have had tremendous growth in our flooring underlayments, especially for sound control. These products not only serve as a sound control barrier, but also protect valuable flooring from becoming damaged due to substrate cracking.”

Launched in 1952, Protecto Wrap Company began by making rubberized asphalt adhesive, peel-and-stick tapes used to wrap gas and oil pipelines to prevent corrosion. The company then expanded their product line into various peel-and-stick waterproofing membranes and now includes roofing underlayments; window and door flashing tapes; and below grade foundation waterproofing membranes. Protecto Wrap also has a flooring underlayment division that produces Whisper Mat, peel-and-stick membranes for use under tile, stone and hardwood flooring for crack and sound suppression and waterproofing.

Protecto Wrap Company continues to expand its product lines by listening to its customers and addressing their needs. It has recently launched its “DefenSeal” liquid waterproofing flooring membrane. This is a roller or brush applied liquid membrane that will provide protection against substrate cracking while providing a waterproof barrier. This product was designed for use in critical areas such as showers and is easier to apply than most sheet good membranes. It will also be launching an additional Liquid Membrane soon for use in window and door installations where the use of typical flashings is difficult and often results in water intrusion failures. This product may be very useful in the window replacement market.
As with any product, Schettler states that not all products will work in every application.

“A product can only perform its intended function if it is installed properly and used in the appropriate application.”

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