Dedicated to Quality Customer Service

When Joe Logar Sr., CR, started his career in the construction field 30 years ago, he noticed one thing — there was a lack of professionalism in the industry. Whether it was smoking on the job or showing up late (sometimes not showing up at all), homeowners were faced with numerous headaches from unprofessional contractors. Luckily, times have changed and some of that credit is due to remodelers such as Logar, owner of AAA Services of Central Florida and the NAHB Remodeler of the Month for May.

Logar began his career in the new construction market, working as a subcontractor for area builders, but then moved into the remodeling market in the ’80s. He focused on small remodeling jobs, maintenance and repair work for condominums, and then three years ago he got his general contractor license and business has been booming since. Bringing in over $2 million in 2006, Logar now focuses on kitchens, baths and complete interior and exterior renovations.

Logar has built his 21-year-old design/build remodeling firm around his dedication to customer service. He has put in place stringent procedures for his staff and all phases of completing a project.

Starting with the first impression, AAA Services of Central Florida employees are drug tested and background checked. Also, Logar makes certain that the staff are properly dressed in uniforms and park in the street when at a project, putting orange cones on either side of the vehicle of safety.

In regard to safety, AAA Services of Central Florida is part of a program that sends an inspector to the jobsite quarterly and will write a full evaluation of any safety violations. “Once we get the evaluation back, we immediately address any of the safety issues,” says Logar.

From his earlier experiences of contractors being delinquent to a job, Logar is committed to always showing up on time. One way he is tracking that is with telephones equipped with GPS systems. All field employees can be located through this system, and Logar doesn’t necessarily do this to check up on his employees, but uses it as a way to do accurate invoicing and/or job costing variance reports. The phones are also stocked with Field Force Manager, which allows employees to clock in and out for the day and in between for breaks.

With a lot of his attention focused on providing the utmost customer service, Logar’s dedication has paid off — he receives nearly 80 percent of his business through leads from Angie’s List, a word-of-mouth network of homeowners’ real-life experiences with local service companies. One of the many positive comments left on Angie’s List remarks on their immediacy to warranty work. Logar explains that if a customer calls with a crack in the ceiling where the addition meets the original structure, the problem is put to the top of the “To Do” list, regardless of new projects, etc. “We take warranty work very seriously” says Logar “and we will delay the start of another project to get it taken care of.”

In addition to his extreme care for his customers, Logar also shares that with his community and staff. At the end of April, he starts a Rebuilding Together project and has provided services to elderly in other counties after Hurricane Charley rolled through.

“I really believe in the circle of life” says Logar. “If I continue to give this respect and kindness, the same will be given back to me.”