Fourteen Firms Comply With DPHA Data Standard

Bethesda, MD — Fourteen kitchen and bath product manufacturers to date have complied with a voluntary data standard established by the Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Assocation and aimed at providing a uniform framework to transmit pricing information, the trade association announced.

According to the Bethesda, MD-based DPHA, its voluntary data standard will enable decorative plumbing and hardware pricing information to be transmitted by almost every point-of-sale, inventory, accounting, product management and ordering software system being utilized in the trade.

The standard, observed the DPHA, creates a common data format that “enables everyone in the industry to use the information the same way.

“The reason why widespread adoption of the voluntary standard is so significant is that over time, more data will be presented in a common format, enabling everyone in a showroom to price products accurately,” the DPHA commented.

“Given the number of price changes that occurred last year, and the volatility of the metals market, the benefits that the standard provides become crystal clear.

“If there was widespread adoption of the standard, every DPHA-member showroom would be able to go to their computer and be assured that the pricing in their system is up to date,” the DPHA added.

The companies that had complied with the standard as of mid-March, according to the DPHA, include the following: Barbers Wilson, Bristol & Bath, Environmental Water Systems, Ginger Water Delivery, Motiv, Oliveri Tasman Sinkware, Water Decor, Bates & Bates, Brasstech, Ginger, Kallista, Newport Brass, Steamist and Zehnder America.

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