High Tech Is Smart, Green

Technological developments over the last several decades have been credited with making life more efficient and less stressful. While some may argue whether these products delivered on the less stressful promise, most agree that high-tech products have raised the bar for today’s living standards.

Kitchen and bath product manufacturers have not been caught lagging behind in this arena. In fact, in many instances, these firms are leading the way, providing items that make food preparation smarter and more efficient, and bath products that provide pampering and the ultimate in hygiene.

They are continuing the tradition of using modern technology to bring to life products that were mere fantasy only a few years ago. They know that life in the 21st century is hectic, so they have created products that will make life just a little easier, and perhaps environmentally friendly and beautiful as well.

Those products include an “intelligent” oven with an advanced refrigeration system that can be operated by remote control via the Internet or a cell phone, a toilet seat that features a personal hygiene system, and a dishwasher that detects the amount of debris on the contents to determine what water temperature and cycle are needed.

High-tech, of course, usually means “really neat” when it comes to new products. A refrigerator with a remote-controlled, cable-ready television built into one of its doors? A surround-sound system built into the bathtub? Televisions built into bathroom mirrors, cabinets and towel warmers? A refrigerator that will do the shopping, cook the food and serve it to you on your return home? Okay, so maybe that last product isn’t available…yet.

1. Featuring a patented hybrid cooking system that can be changed to gas, gas-fired infrared and traditional charcoal, the 42" Fuego 01 from Fuego is crafted of brushed stainless steel, farmed teak and slate countertops and a cast iron grilling surface. The Fuego 02 is a scaled-down (30") version of its larger sibling. Featuring a modular accessory system, the Fuego 02 can house accessories such as ceramic trays, paper towel holders, champagne ice buckets and spice jars.
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2. KWC America Inc. offers Eve, a streamlined faucet that features an illuminated LED light band around the water’s exit point. At the push of a concealed button, the light from the transparent plastic ring integrates with Eve’s Neoperl pull-out spray from the swivel spout. The faucet, which is offered in chrome finish or stainless steel, is available in either a kitchen sink size or a smaller version for the bar or a bathroom vanity.
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3. Gaggenau’s 24" Lift Oven with the LiftMatic function features an automatic elevating base. With the push of a button, the glass ceramic base lowers directly from the oven to the countertop, where food dishes can be loaded and then raised into the cooking cavity.
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4. The Nexxt 500 plus (shown) and 800 series of laundry washers from Bosch feature the EcoWash option, which optimizes heating cycles for greater efficiency, without affecting cleaning results, with settings to optimize the wash cycle to suit specific items such as jeans or comforters.
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5. Featuring a thermostatic valve and digital interface, the Kohler DTV offers a customized shower experience utilizing multiple showerheads, hand showers and bodysprays, all controlled with the touch of a button. Preset hydrotherapy experiences include: up massage; down massage; wave massage; and temperature therapy.
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6. The Precision Series Gas Self-Cleaning Ranges from Capital Cooking Equipment, Inc. include a motorized rotisserie system built into the oven cell, including rotating rod and cast stainless steel prongs. The Power Flo Burner System can simmer at 140° or heat up to 19,000 BTUs. The ranges are available in 30", 36", 48" and 60" models.
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7. The Ultra-Sense S-6050 Series Sensor Activated Faucet from Symmons Industries is crafted with a high-arc, long-reach profile for recessed mountings and features a 10-second factory-set cycle time and will “time out” by automatically shutting off if the sensor is blocked.
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8. SMARTworks by Technical Concepts offers a range of touchless kitchen and bath products that incorporate touch-free Radius Technology. Touch-free systems include automatic faucets and sensor modules, automatic toilet flushing devices and automatic counter-mounted soap and lotion dispensers (shown).
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9. Agostino Ferrari S.p.A.'s Magic system is composed of a magnetic pull-push mechanism and hinges with springs that open doors automatically. The product can be inserted into a 10 mm hole machined in the side panel, making it virtually invisible.
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10. The Exacttemp Thermostatic Valve from Moen Inc. provides enhanced water flow, control and flexibility, according to the company. Individual volume controls allow the user to continuously adjust the force and flow of water. The Exacttemp allows users to set personalized water temperatures.
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11. In addition to a remote-controlled, cable-ready, 15” LCD television screen on the right door of the TV Refrigerator from LG Electronics, the unit features a 4” WeatherPlus LCD display above the dispenser including weather forecasts, digital photo album, recipe bank and more.
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12. The Neptuner, by Neptune, is an audio technology that uses acoustic transducers to produce an invisible surround system for the bath. Sound waves are sent through the bathtub shell to create one giant speaker, amplified and enhanced by the water. The body is completely immersed in music when this optional upgrade is added to Neptune bathtubs.
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13. Samsung Electronics offers the Four-Door Convertible Refrigerator, which features four zones with adjustable temperature settings. Two convertible drawers offer high and low temperature settings in addition to standard refrigerator, freezer and soft-freeze settings.
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14. Dacor introduces the Millennia 24" Dishwasher, an intuitive unit that features Soil Sensor technology that detects the amount of debris on the contents and determines the water temperature and cycle needed to clean dishes completely. The unit, which features the same curved handle design of the Millennia Discovery Wall Oven, offers five wash cycles and three wash options, including Auto Wash, Rinse & Hold and NSF-certified Sanitize Rinse.
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15. The Indoor Grill from ProFire Inc. features a high-tech ignition system that includes a built-in safety shut off. Removable, dishwasher-safe stainless steel interior panels make cleaning easier. Accessories include a rotisserie and griddle.
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16. The Freedom Collection from Thermador encompasses a line of fully integrated, truly flush mounted and counter-depth modular fresh food and freezer columns that can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. The collection features 24" and 30" fresh food columns, as well as 18", 24" and 30" freezer columns. A fully integrated 36" bottom-freezer with two or three doors is also available. Future introductions include 18" and 24" dispenser freezers, and 18" and 24" wine preservation columns.
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17. The Seura Television Mirror from Seura, Inc. is an LCD television built into a newly crafted mirror, acting as a television when turned on and a mirror when in the off position. Using LCD television display technology, the LCD screen is visible as a window within the mirror when activated. It is offered in a wide variety of mirror sizes as well as various LCD display dimensions ranging from 15" to 45".
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18. Users of the 20-20 Design Version 8 from 20-20 Technologies can choose from more than 200 brand-name plumbing fixtures in an expanded plumbing catalog. Users can save drawing layouts as templates and can view more than 150 self-running video demos. Software users can also display several views simultaneously.
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19. MicroManager by Microvellum is a software suite that allows all aspects of estimation, engineering, manufacturing and management to be driven by a single and user-defined database. Users can track production in real time as it moves through the shop, and can obtain real-time cost information.
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20. The Active Smart refrigerators from Fisher & Paykel feature an integrated water dispenser that provides chilled filtered water and an internal ice maker for cubes on demand. The refrigerators also include fresh food and freezer compartments that have cold air delivered using
separate variable-speed fans.
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21. The GE Profile Side-by-Side Refrigerator with ClimateKeeper 2 technology from GE Consumer & Industrial has added features such as PreciseFill technology in its external ice and water dispenser, an LED light to illuminate the dispenser and GE Reveal lighting on the interior.
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22. The avantGarde touchSlide electric cooktop from Siemens features a touchSlide groove to choose or adjust temperature. The preciseSimmer feature offers 17 power levels, including quickStart and rapidBoil.
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23. The Connect Io Intelligent Oven from TMIO, LLC features an advanced refrigeration system and can be operated by remote control via the Internet and cell phone.
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24. The Purité Personal Cleansing Spa from Bemis Mfg. Co. is a toilet seat that features a personal hygiene system. Purité is outfitted with two automatic cleansing wands; one wand extends forward for feminine cleansing, the other for perirectal wash. IT is activated by a touchpad control panel located on the side of the seat. Dual nozzles dispense warm water at three selected temperatures and five pressure settings. Each wash setting is followed with a warm-air jet dryer.
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25. The Media Lift from Accuride International Inc. is a remote control device that is pre-mounted to a backboard that allows flat panel televisions to be retracted into cabinets. The system accommodates televisions up to 50" diagonal and 33.5" tall, and features a cable management system to keep wiring clear of the mechanism. Reversal plates also stop and reverse lift movement when obstructed.
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26. Alsons Corp./Mixet, a Masco Co., offers its patented fluidics spray technology for the shower, which delivers a reduced, water-saving flow of 1.6 gallons per minute that actually feels like 2.5 gpm, according to the company. The fluidics technology in the Alsons shower is a series of chambers that control the shape, velocity and thermal dynamics of water, which produces larger water droplets that stay hotter longer and are delivered at a higher velocity. The company also offers a 1.85 gpm spray, along with a two-spray unit that features 1.85 gpm and 2.5 gpm with the turn of a lever.
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27. Corecon Technologies, Inc. offers Corecon 2006, an upgrade to Corecon 4.0. The software offers project estimating and project management on the Web using Microsoft’s ASP.NET 2.0 platform, with links to accounting programs. Features include global search, which allows users to search across projects and eliminates the task of manually compiling information. Indicate #341 on e-Inquiry.