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Have you ever observed someone wearing a nice suit and tie with a raggedy pair of shoes? Have you ever talked to a well-coiffed relative (say your father-in-law, for instance) whose nose is, well, not exactly well-groomed? Do I have your attention? The point is that finishing touches, and a lack thereof, can detract from an otherwise beautiful home.

A recent Market Trends survey conducted by Residential Design & Build magazine reveals that landscaping is where customers scale back most often when budgets get tight. You’ve seen it — a beautiful newly constructed home sits absent of the finishing outdoor details. It reminds you of the nice suit with raggedy shoes, don’t you think? Why would someone invest all that money and plug in a few boxwoods from the local big box? 

So what’s my point? It’s the fine details that can make or break a home. Prepare your clients with adequate information in advance of their project so they finish the job with sufficient funds to do the job right.

Today — more than ever — decks, patios, outdoor kitchens, etc., are center stage when it comes to American quality of life. But regardless of your area of specialty (outdoors or not), the finishing touches are what everyone remembers. When asked who did the job, you want them to proudly refer to your company. Don’t be the builder, remodeler or architect with a reputation for not focusing on the details!