Recycled Insulation from Bonded Logic

Home insulation is always a concern these days with energy prices increasing and homeowners are looking to get the best protection for their money. With “green” remodeling becoming a bigger part of the industry, it’s no wonder companies like Bonded Logic are finding a way to keep a home warm with a touch of the green thumb.

In the January issue of Qualified Remodeler we brought you Bonded Logic’s UltraTouch line. These R-21 perforated batts are an environmentally safe, nonitch building insulation made from natural denim/cotton fibers that offers exceptional acoustic and thermal performance with no fiberglass, formaldehyde or chemical irritants used. Made from 85 percent recycled textile waste, UltraTouch is treated with Borate which is a nontoxic natural mineral that aids in fire and mildew retardation and makes for a great insulation choice for chemically sensitive people.

“The company is owned by a very sustainable, environmentally friendly conscience family,” says Sean Desmond, director of sales and marketing. “What really got them into (the insulation market) was the availability of the raw materials because of their background in the recycling industry. They’ve always been looking for ways to be energy efficient and to conserve resources.”

Bonded Logic is a privately held company that started over 35 years ago with municipal recycling and moved into cellulose insulation. It manufactures thermal and acoustical insulation products for multiple industries. Because of Bonded Logic’s patented manufacturing process, it is able to produce a wide range of densities and thicknesses; are all Class-A fire rated; and do not pose VOC concerns.

“The only limitation really is that you need to have a different kind of tool to effectively cut our UltraTouch insulation,” says Desmond. “We have recommendations for that right on our Web site in an installation section. So if someone didn’t take the time to do a little research and find out what works best, they might have a little frustration with our product at first.”

Another product Bonded Logic is now producing is The Insulator. This insulation is a radiant heat barrier as well as thermal. The pure aluminum barrier used for The Insulator provides protection from air currents, vapors, moisture and radiant heat, and because of the padding used for this insulation, it has superior acoustical performance over traditional foil/bubble pack radiant barrier products. Both of Bonded Logic’s home insulation products are listed as eligible building envelope components for the Federal Tax Credit under section 25C of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, making a great selling point for home-owners.

On deck for Bonded Logic, it plans to expand upon its insulation line with an R-30 rated, 8-in. thick insulation. Still in the research and development phase, Bonded Logic is also looking at a blown-in version of its popular cotton insulation for remodelers looking to reinsulate a home without taking down the walls and will follow in form of being environmentally safe.

For more information on Bonded Logic, visit or Indicate #86 on e-Inquiry.