What is Relevant Architecture?

What is the most relevant style of residential architecture today? Is it modern architecture, Old-World, Tudor, Mediterranean or neo-traditional design? I believe all of these styles, and more, are relevant because of the care you take to replicate yet reinvent them at the same time.

Is architectural relevancy measured only by how a home looks, or is it about every nail, beam, shingle, window, faucet and construction technique that helps to create that look? I believe it’s measured by both, but that’s an entirely different discussion.

So for a few minutes, let’s focus on how a home looks and where architectural limits are being stretched. David Jameson’s modernist approach to residential design is pushing the envelope in Virginia. The article "Modern Expression" explores Jameson’s modern style, about which Jameson says: “I believe it’s the only real architecture. As life evolves and building technologies evolve, building synthetic reproductions of housing from a bygone era is not a responsible way of looking forward. Modern architecture is a creative way of looking forward to the evolutions of life.”

There is no doubt about Jameson’s commitment to modern architecture. His passion is evident when you look at the homes he designs, and when you read about his approach. He uses light, lines and other elements of modern architecture to create unique homes for his clients. His devotion to his work is admirable, as he expands the definition of what architecture is.

Jameson’s work is wonderful, but there’s more to moving architecture forward than looks alone. Is one architectural style better than all the others? Should architects and designers be prohibited from reproducing styles that have been around for decades, or even centuries, simply because they’ve been done before and it’s time to move on to something new? The answer to both questions is no.

Modern design is only one niche of many in which architects and builders are moving architecture forward. For example, the article "Colorado Inspiration" explores how Invision Homes in Parker, Colo., embraces Old-World appeal yet advances it by adding influence from the Colorado lifestyle and local environment. By doing this, Invision Homes is contributing to architecture’s evolution.

Residential Design & Build magazine presents the diversity of residential design that exists today. We would be doing a disservice by publishing only one style of design month after month. We strive to expose you to many different architectural styles with hopes you’ll take one idea from each and use it to advance your design.

What do you believe relevant architecture is? Let us know by sending an email to me at rob.heselbarth@cygnusb2b.com.