Vent-A-Hood Celebrates 70 Years in Business

Richardson, TX — Vent-A-Hood, the oldest manufacturer of residential range hoods in America, is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Vent-A-Hood trademark in 2007, the company announced.

“Being the first to create or define an industry is a significant achievement,” said Blake Woodall, director of sales for the Richardson, TX-based Vent-A-Hood. “But a much greater milestone is being at the very top of your game in a growing sea of competitors more than 70 years later.”
When the company opened in 1933, the indoor range hood was a novel idea. Employees sold products door-to-door and returned to the factory where each order was made by hand. The Vent-A-Hood name was trademarked in 1937.

“I credit fine craftsmanship, leading engineering and design, and the strength of our proprietary technology for keeping our name at the forefront of our business,” Woodall said.