Visual Display Program Launched by Elkay

Oak Brook, IL — Elkay’s plumbing products division has launched a visual display program for showrooms that, the company said, “will revolutionize” how showrooms present Elkay sinks and faucets.

The company’s “Residential Visual Display Program” will serve “as a turnkey, modular, highly interactive, merchandising investment solution” for Elkay’s authorized showrooms, corporate officials said.

“After conducting and reviewing research, Elkay determined that showrooms need more interactive display solutions to engage prospects, create curiosity and build enthusiasm for the company’s sinks and faucets,” said Elkay, headquartered in Oak Brook, IL.

Development teams led by plumbing products division marketing communications manager Ann Rottinghaus worked with showroom sales training managers to create a display setting “that invited consumers to engage with Elkay products and explore different sink and faucet configurations.”

Said Rottinghaus: “We knew it was important to leverage our dealer partners’ expertise on what merchandising solutions would be ultimately successful. We also engaged ‘best-in-class’ designers to create the initial concepts for our Visual Display solutions, as well as a separate prototyping team, and yet another organization for program production. This ensured that we optimized the various skill sets and areas of expertise to create the best possible program overall.”

To facilitate ordering for the Visual Display program, Elkay created a new Web-based system for showrooms to use in the specification and ordering of the Visual Display elements, according to the company. The online ordering process features a system that guides showroom personnel or Elkay reps as they select sinks and faucets to be placed within the various Visual Displays, Elkay added.

“Through working with our showroom training managers, Elkay learned that showrooms needed more interactive displays that not only invite consumers into the Elkay experience, but are also easy to install and provide a return on investment,” said Rottinghaus. “Showrooms need visual merchandising solutions that are professional-grade, yet easy for all showroom personnel to maneuver. For this reason Elkay included several functional features in the development of its Visual Display program such as heavy-duty locking casters, high-pressure laminate and thinner-cut solid surface tops for carts, which all translate into a durable, yet mobile solution,” she noted.

All of Elkay’s Visual Display elements can be placed on the showroom floor the same day they arrive, with little assembly required, the company added.

“The Elkay Visual Display elements are designed to enhance virtually any existing or new showroom configuration or décor,” Rottinghaus said. “By offering a variety of shapes and sizes of unique modular display units, showrooms can mix and match curved carts, stands and large graphics to create their own distinct setting.

“Creating engaging aesthetics is a critical building block of branding today,” she noted. “Connecting with our prospects visually is important because it’s the language of feeling, and today, in an information-heavy and time-poor world, people value feeling over information.”