Courting Comfort

The votes are in … Qualified Remodeler readers have chosen the Safe Hands Bath as the “Remodelers’ Choice” product for January. This product generated the highest amount of requests of any other product featured in the September issue.

Bathing is no longer what it used to be as lifestyles are busier and aging Americans have greater difficulty getting in and out of a bathtub. Many companies, like Wasuana, are addressing these issues and capitalizing on the trends with more attractive amenities and accessibility features.
“Our walk-in tub was created with seniors in mind,” says Michael Kanko, owner of Wasauna. “The safe ‘walk-in’ style of entry and exit greatly reduces the slip-and-fall risk associated with regular bathtubs.”

In the September issue, Qualified Remodeler introduced you to the Safe Hands Bath from Wasauna. Designed for those who experience difficulty when entering and exiting the bathtub, the Safe Hands Bath features handrails, a seat and door enabling the homeowner to walk into their bathtub instead of climbing in.

“Despite a majority of users being senior citizens, we are noticing an increasing demand for our Safe Hands Bath from customers of all ages,” says Kanko. “Many bathers prefer a relaxed, seated position vs. lying down in a traditional tub. Those who suffer from chronic back pain often find this bathing concept easier and more pleasant on their backs.”

Created in 2001, the Wasauna brand was designed to meet America’s growing demand for infrared saunas. Its infrared saunas are manufactured to be stylish, reliable and functional. Each sauna comes with four and eight ceramic infrared heaters and a radio, CD player and reading light, all controlled by a digital control box accessed from inside or outside the saunas.

Since its beginning, Wasauna has grown to international status and expanded into the luxury bath sector. Wasauna now manufactures a complete line of bathroom products including vanities, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers, saunas, shower panels and walk-in bathtubs.
“Wasauna works with contractors, designers and consumers to determine the best configuration for their specific bathroom,” adds Kanko.

On the horizon for Wasauna, it will be releasing its Outdoor Infrared Sauna in 2007 directly in response to many requests from customers over the years. It also continues to expand its operations through an ever-growing network of independent and company-owned showrooms.