A Touch of Europe Comes to Downtown Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ—
The European-inspired NYLOFT continues its expansion with a new showroom in downtown Phoenix. To celebrate the opening of the new 3,600- sq.-ft. showroom, NYLOFT held an event at the showroom co-sponsored by Thermador, CaesarStone and Desert Living magazine, that was attended by 350 kitchen and bath designers and other allied professionals.

“NYLOFT is truly the first showroom that concentrates solely on European contemporary design,” believes Cornelia Stumpf, director of public relations and advertising for the firm. “We feature a clean, modern, contemporary look.”

The showroom was designed by the NYLOFT-Phoenix team in cooperation with the team from the company’s flagship store in New York City. Two of the main designers on the project were Iko Aviv, who is also the president and owner of NYLOFT, and Celestino Piralla, the principal of the Phoenix store.

“The atmosphere of the showroom is very laid-back, like a modern, well-designed European home,” Stumpf adds. Since the showroom is aimed at a broad market, from the designer and the architect to the client, it intends to inspire ideas through interaction. “Clients can experience each of our designs and products fully before making an educated decision.”

Design Theory

According to Stumpf, the company’s design theory is simple: “We have a one-stop design approach. A clean, modern, European design with high emphasis on space planning and ergonomics, as well as a high value of ownership and craftsmanship.”

The showroom has five partially functional kitchen displays and three baths. It is the exclusive North American distributor of Maistri Italian Kitchens; each kitchen displays the Maistri La Cucina line, and it is the only kitchen line NYLOFT carries.

NYLOFT has also expanded its design theory into other rooms; the showroom has dining, living, and bedroom displays, as well as an entertainment center. The firm carries Tekne and Axia bath products, ELITE, Pinca, SantaRossa, CASAMANIA and Cacarro for furnishings, bed, living areas, closets and wardrobes.

The staff is small and includes a showroom manager, senior designer, junior designer and two interns. NYLOFT encourages its employees to be involved with every step of the client’s purchase. This customer service philosophy influences the way each team member interacts with clients. “We are all doing sales, design and customer service,” says Stumpf. “NYLOFT believes that a designer needs to be able to explain and sell his/her design and a salesperson needs to be able to think like a designer, to better understand his/her clients’ needs.”

While there are no CKDs or CBDs on staff, all designers have trained in a three- or four-year program in FIDER-accredited interior design programs with special training in CAD and European cabinet design. “Space planning and ergonomic design is a must for every designer on staff,” says Stumpf.

Green Design

It helps to know something about sustainable design, too, she says, as the showroom carries many “green” products.

“Our designers are trained in ‘green’ design, and many of our product lines are environmentally friendly, as well. European products have to meet stricter standards than products in the U.S. do,” adds Stumpf.

She notes that NYLOFT participated in Arizona’s first new residential project to receive Leadership in Energy and Efficient Design (LEED) certification. LEED designation is limited to homes that meet strict regulations established by the U.S. Green Building Council for homes designed using renewable and sustainable materials, she explains.

Products by Maistri La Cucina, NYLOFT’s premiere kitchen line, are made from woods that do not come from high-risk areas, she notes.

Some products in the line use ecological boards, made exclusively of recycled woods. Additionally, all raw materials, glues and paints are certified by European standards on low formaldehyde and noxious substance emissions, she points out. The firm also carries ELITE Italian furniture which is made primarily of coconut and vine woods, by-products that are normally discarded.

NYLOFT is an active advertiser, putting together co-op events with magazines, featuring guest speakers, cooking events and seminars for industry professionals, as well as hosting parties and events for potential clients at its showroom. It maintains a Website and an e-mail list, offers free initial consultations and design advice, and conducts demonstrations, customer service and maintenance and repair of its products. The Phoenix showroom has been featured in national home design publications and has appeared on Desert Living Television.

In addition to its Phoenix location, NYLOFT has showrooms in New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Las Vegas.