New Products Solve Problems

Oftentimes I’ll catch snippets of conversations between remodelers, and I am surprised at what I hear. Sure, they will talk about their next big vacation; how the family is doing, etc. In that respect, remodelers are no different than most other professional colleagues who come to know one another over time. But when it gets down to business matters, I often hear conversations about details — how to solve problems they are having with specific jobs. Remodelers spend lots of time picking each other’s brains for product solutions.

Here’s a direct quote overheard at the Remodeling Show in October.

“Bob, what’s the name of the anchoring product that allows you to hang a grab bar on wallboard without any blocking?”

The other remodeler gave a knowing look, as if to say, “How much is that information worth to you?” Finally, he gave the answer. “You mean a WingIt?”

From replacement windows that match a historic look-and-feel, to decking products that hold up well in harsh climates, the remodeling business is about solving problems with products. More times than not, suppliers and manufacturers have solutions. It is a key mission at QR to make sure you are aware of these product solutions.

By the way, a WingIt is a real product made by a real company, WingIt Solutions, of Bradley Beach, N.J. And, for remodelers who have ever added grab bars into the bathroom of an aging or physically challenged client, WingIt fasteners can be a real time and money saver.

These devices anchor grab bars in such a fashion that the bars don’t pull out of common wallboard when a person puts their weight on it. Before the WingIt and other anchoring devices like it, the only other solution was to tear out existing bathroom walls. Install wood blocking. Re-tile the wall. Then install the grab bars. The WingIt avoids this work and is the perfect solution for a persistent problem. It is just one example of the kind of product that helps remodelers serve their customers better.

One of the responsibilities that we take very seriously at this magazine is to always provide a wide array of new products in every issue. This issue, our annual pictorial buyers guide, is unique to the remodeling industry. It is within the pages of this issue that we clear the decks for a host of new products that have recently been introduced, or will shortly be introduced in the coming year. It is filled with hundreds of new products that might just help you land more jobs in 2007 or better yet, make a raving fan out of a merely satisfied customer.