Product Innovations

ProWood Micro

Universal Forest Products introduces ProWood Micro treated lumber, the next generation of pressure-treated wood. Like its other products, ProWood Micro is pressure treated with a waterborne preservative system containing copper and quaternary compounds to protect against insect attack and decay. With ProWood Micro, the copper preservative is micronized, reducing the corrosion of fasteners — so there’s no need for expensive nails or stainless-steel fasteners. Indicate # 70 on e-Inquiry.


Laminate Floor Radiant Heating

Warmup’s Radiant Electric Floor Heating System for laminate floors is installed under the floor to provide either primary or supplementary heat. These heaters are energy-efficient and provide a safe, even distribution of heat. Warmup Underlaminate Heaters are sold in two widths (12 and 36 in.) and are thin (thinner than a dime), so they won’t raise floor levels. Indicate # 71 on e-Inquiry.



ReCote from Boral Bricks is a revolutionary new brick-finishing system. ReCoate is designed to create the matte-textured, monolithic look of stucco with the durability of brick. It is specially formulated for brick, stone, block or any other true masonry product. Delivered to the jobsite in a premixed state, ReCote can be either sprayed onto the surface or hand-brushed. Indicate # 52 on e-Inquiry.


Quick Connect Pendants

W.A.C. Lighting introduces its G530 Series of Quick Connect Pendants featuring elegant fused glass shades. The Quick Connect G530 Series are hand-blown glass pendants offered in three contemporary colorations: green, multicolor and a white/black/clear combination. Each pendant is 4 1/8 in. wide and 5 3/4 in. tall. Indicate #53 on e-Inquiry.


Bed & Breakfast Gas Fireplace

The Bed & Breakfast gas fireplace from Fireplace Xtordinair is sized for bedrooms, bathroom walls and kitchen cabinetry. The 21-in.-wide by 12-in.-deep fireplace is designed for both corner and flat-on-wall installations. Indicate # 54 on e-Inquiry.