Product Focus: Solar

Spruce Line Photovoltaic Modules from Evergreen Solar are rated up to 190 watts and with an efficiency of 12.7 percent. These modules are constructed in an aluminum frame with double-wall construction on all four sides and no protruding screws offering greater mounting flexibility. For more info indicate #55 on e-Inquiry.

SolarSave roofing tiles from Open Energy are designed to blend seamlessly with the colors and edge profiles of commonly used cement tiles. The tiles can be walked on, have a snow-load capacity over 200 lbs. per sq. ft., and wind-load rating up to 125 mph. For more info indicate #57 on e-Inquiry.

United Solar Ovonic offers its Uni-Solar line of triple junction amorphous silicon photovoltaic solar panels for converting sunlight into electricity. Finished products are easily engineered into solar energy systems. For more info indicate #56 on e-Inquiry.

Sharp Electronics’ new triangular photovoltaic modules are engineered specifically for hip roofs and complex rooflines. These black anodized aluminum frames, trim strips and backing sheets blend into the home’s exterior. The modules are designed to withstand extreme heat and wind. For more info indicate #58 on e-Inquiry.

GE Energy’s roof-integrated tile systems blend seamlessly with a roofline. The modules range from 35 to 165 watts, while system designs can range from hundreds of watts to megawatts and can be used in either on-grid or off- grid applications. For more info indicate #59 on e-Inquiry.

Mitsubishi Electric offers its Solar/Photovoltaic Modules for residential applications. The models gather energy from the sun and release it as electricity into the home. For more info indicate #60 on e-Inquiry.

The SunPower SPR-215-BLK is designed specifically for on-grid residential systems. Utilizing 72 series connected A-300 solar cells, it delivers industry- leading power density in an all-black module package. For more info indicate #61 on e-Inquiry.

BP Solar’s new all-black EnergyLux solar modules are now available as part of a BP Solar Home Solution. BP Solar also offers its traditional line of deep blue residential solar modules through distributors and dealers nationwide. For more info indicate #62 on e-Inquiry.

The Sunmodule SW 165/175 mono/P by SolarWorld offers monocrystalline 5-in. cells behind a hardened glass glazing and are embedded in transparent EVA. This module has a maximum system voltage of 600v and is sealed with a high-quality Tedlar film. For more info indicate #63 on e-Inquiry.

Kyocera Solar announced the introduction of a new photovoltaic module featuring an energy conversion efficiency using d.Blue technology, a new cell-processing method. The new technology creates a microscopic texture on the cell’s multi-crystalline silicon surface, reducing reflectance and maximizing the amount of sunlight the cell can absorb. For more info indicate #64 on e-Inquiry.