Simplified Concrete Repair

Replacing a cement walkway or flooring isn’t the easiest thing to do in a home remodel, but Mapei is making products to ease a remodeler’s pains. Its line of cement repairing products ensures a fresh look without tearing out the old concrete first.

In our July issue we brought you the brush-on action of Mapei’s Mapelastic Smart. This two-component, highly flexible cementitious membrane is easily applied by roller or brush to curved structures and tight corners. Mapelastic Smart offers waterproofing and concrete protection against aggressive atmospheric elements like seawater, salts and sulphates.

Founded in Milan, Italy in 1937, Mapei evolved from a small wall-paint producer into a specialist in adhesives and sealants for building. As it continued to build on its innovative products, it began expanding across Europe in the 1960s and into North America in the 1970s.

Mapei’s concrete products, which include Concrete Renew, Planitop X and Quickpatch among others, have many possible applications. For example, Concrete Renew can put essentially a new surface on an old stained and deteriorated slab without pouring a new one. This creates a new, slip-resistant concrete surface that is relatively easy to do.

Planitop X has the unique ability to be used indoors or outdoors in vertical, overhead or horizontal concrete applications. It has a tenacious adhesion to existing to properly prepared concrete, is shrinkage-compensated to reduce cracking problems, has an excellent resistance to freeze/thaw cycling and deicing salts, and can be blended into the surrounding area to help disguise the patch.

Up next for Mapei’s concrete products (planning to be released in three months) is a Concrete Renew Fine mixture that uses a smaller aggregate for more detailed applications.