Acoustic Art

Many designers are aware of the saying, “form follows function.” Artcoustic UK, based in London, applies this principle to its line of loudspeakers. Choosing from different fabrics and diverse pieces of art, the company transforms high-quality speakers into artwork.

“Artcoustic loudspeakers combine a unique mix of art and design with the science of acoustics,” says Kim Donvig, CEO. “We have a substantial range including bookshelf speakers all the way up to large panels.” Subwoofers are also available.

The speakers can be installed in most places in a home except outside. They are not designed to withstand high levels of moisture or temperature and are intended only to be placed on a wall rather than inside a wall. This minimizes any conflict with studs.

There are four art collections from which to choose; You Are Art, Getty Images and two versions of contemporary and classic offerings. The contemporary and classic collections include art from artists around the world ranging from photographs of places to abstract designs. You Are Art is a modern collection that offers homeowners a way to personalize their home by putting their portrait on the speakers.

The fourth collection is a collaboration between Artcoustic and Getty Images Gallery. This collection includes more than 40 million images of people, skylines and much more. A few examples of the Getty collection include photos of Marilyn Monroe, the skyline of New York City and other scenery. Some of the photos can be placed next to each other to create a larger picture.

Prints are interchangeable because they are exclusively designed for Artcoustic speakers, but cannot be used to cover another brand of speakers. “Screens fit into the frame of the speaker so it has to be a matched pair and only one size per model,” he says.

The only consideration design/builders need to be aware of is the lead time. Any project including custom art will require approximately four weeks. Donvig adds that architects sometimes forget to include speaker requirements at the beginning stages of design. Overlooking these specifications can devalue the type of system a homeowner could have. “Too often loudspeakers are not included in the initial drawing plans and specifications, and the client ends up with a poorly compromised solution,” he says.

Speakers can be bought directly through Artcoustic or its retailers. For more information on Artcoustic, visit or Indicate #14 on e-Inquiry.