Product Spotlight: Accessible Baths

1. The e-Flow faucet from Delta Faucet is a hands-free faucet designed for residential applications. The e-Flow faucet features a stylish high-arc spout for longer reach while concealing the waterproof polymer electronic control board that controls water flow. Available in six hues, the e-Flow handle can be interchanged to match color patterns and accessories in the bathroom. Indicate #48 on e-Inquiry

2. The Riverton 12-in. Rough-in Toilet from Sterling Plumbing has an elongated bowl with an extended rim length for comfortable use by adults. The Riverton is made of Grade A vitreous china and uses only 1.6 gal. of water per flush. Indicate #49 on e-Inquiry

3. The Tubcut from Access Designs Inc. provides easier access for existing tubs by creating a step-through in the front of the tub. Installed as an integral part of the tub, not a cap, the Tubcut has a seamless appearance. The Tubcut modification can also be reversed and restored to its original condition. Indicate #50 on e-Inquiry

4. The Panco Shower Seat from Aquaware America is a comfortable, anatomic fold-up shower seat made in a rigid white polyurethane. Its support is available in white, bone, bahama beige, gray, ral red, black, chrome and brass. Indicate #54 on e-Inquiry

5. Great Grabz line of Wave Grab Bars are intended to add professional design expertise to the benefits of safety and reliability. Designed with quality engineering, these grab bars offer sturdy construction and stability while also displaying a beautiful touch. These bars come in 24- and 36-in. lengths and polished chrome, satin nickel, polished brass and oil-rubbed finishes. Indicate #55 on e-Inquiry

6. Safety Bath is a compact bathtub with a door and is designed to allow safe and easy bathtub access. It features a built-in, nonslip surface on the floor and seat. Indicate #56 on e-Inquiry