Product Focus: Tankless Water Heaters

The Bosch AquaStar tankless water heater provides endless hot water, saves energy and space in homes. The 125 Series can supply one major hot water outlet at a time while the 250SX yields enough power to supply two showers simultaneously. For more info indicate #59 on e-Inquiry

Takagi introduces the T-H1 efficiency tankless water heater. This product utilizes a preheating system and built-in neutralizer system producing 10.2 gpm. Applications for this unit include domestic water heating, space heating, radiant floor heating, indirect heating, recirculation and combination heating systems. For more info indicate #60 on e-Inquiry

Microtherm’s Seisco tankless water heaters are small, efficient, versatile water heating systems. Its design considers electrical and plumbing requirements as well as space utilization, environment, and preheating systems such as heat recovery, solar and geothermal. For more info indicate #61 on e-Inquiry

Noritz introduces its N-084M-DV tankless gas water heater. It’s a direct-vent (sealed combustion) unit capable of providing up to 8.4 gpm. This unit can deliver up to 236,000 Btu and reach a temperature of 180 degrees. For more info indicate #62 on e-Inquiry

Skye International offers its Fortis line of high-performance tankless electric water heaters. It enables users to preset shower temperatures and is available in standard models for one-, two- and three-bathroom homes. For more info indicate #63 on e-Inquiry

Eemax introduces its Digital Readout line of whole-house electric tankless water heaters with digital temperature control. Flow activates each heating element in stages based on hot water demand. For more info indicate #64 on e-Inquiry

Rheem offers a new full line of tankless propane and natural gas water heaters for indoor and outdoor use. Heaters are available in three options: RTG-42 Series (indoor model), RTG-74 (indoor and outdoor models) and the Heavy Duty Series (indoor and outdoor models). For more info indicate #65 on e-Inquiry

Bradford White’s EverHot tankless gas on-demand water heaters provide continuous hot water to multiple points of use without utilizing a storage tank. The units are available in two residential and two commercial models, both in indoor and outdoor versions. For more info indicate #66 on e-Inquiry

A.O. Smith offers its ProStar tankless gas water heaters for residential use. It provides hot water on demand ­from 3 to 6 gpm. It includes convenient wall mounting and optional remote control. For more info indicate #67 on e-Inquiry