Sun Bathing

ProSun steps out of the box with its SunShower and takes luxury bathing to the next level. “The SunShower is a tanning device that can be built into any existing or new shower,” says Philip Doffegnies, vice president. “It allows homeowners to tan while taking their daily shower.”

The SunShower was introduced this year, and not only is it making a grand entrance into the bath industry, but it also won Best New Bathroom Product at K/BIS in Chicago in April 2006. “We’ve been in business for over 26 years with a background in tanning,” Doffegnies says. “Everyone takes a shower and this product lets them get their necessary vitamin D while they shower.”

The SunShower includes five lamps, a control panel and is built into a shower wall. “The control panel is on top of the unit and allows you to set the tanning time,” Doffegnies says. “You can turn on all the lamps at once or individually depending on what part of the body you desire to tan.”

The only specifications builders or installers need to consider are electrical and space restrictions. “Electrical requirements are 220 volt on a 20-amp dedicated line on a gfci breaker,” he adds. “It requires dimensions of 8 in. deep, 16 in. wide and 75 in. high. If you don’t have 8-in. depth, then you can recess the wall.”

ProSun offers a manual for easier installation. “A certified electrician should install the unit and if there are questions, we have a very specified installation manual,” Doffegnies says. “We are also in the process of setting up a dealer network in the United States and Canada, so customers can contact a dealer or ProSun.”

The SunShower is maintenance-free for homeowners because they will never need to open the unit, Doffegnies adds. “When lamps need to be replaced, a certified electrician, dealer or ProSun will install the lamps,” he says. “The lights on the control panel will flicker when the lamps need replacing.”

The SunShower is available in one style and three finishes: brushed aluminum, chrome and brass. “We are looking into adding a new finish — oil-rubbed bronze,” Doffegnies says.

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