Room Additions Under $100,000

Gold Winner
Bloomfield Construction,
Bloomfield Hills, Mich.

Silver Winner:
PGA Design Build
Bethesda, Md.

Bronze Winner:
Excel Interior Concepts Lemoyne, Pa.

When returning clients came calling for another project, Bloomfield Construction accepted. This time around the Bloomfield Hills, Mich. homeowners wanted an energy-efficient add-on to the back of their existing 1980s sprawling ranch while maintaining the view of their heavily wooded lot that gave the feel of sitting in the yard. To add to the challenge, it had to look like it was not an addition, but an already existing part of the home.

The bottoms of the window sills were set 14 in. from the finished floor height in order to maximize the view. Transom windows were then put above for sunlight. This complied with the homeowners’ request to have minimal drywall and a feel as though they were outside.

In order to keep the room as energy-efficient as possible, the first key component was the selection of a closed cell, spray foam insulation applied to the ceiling, walls and crawl area instead of traditional blanket insulation. All corner studs, cracks and crevasses were caulked prior to installing the insulation. The dirt floor of the crawl space was covered with a 10 mil. vapor block plastic to eliminate moisture drive, and the exterior masonry walls were sprayed to insulate and waterproof to complete the process.

With all of the glass and tile in this room it would have been impossible to keep the room at a comfortable temperature without a radiant heating system. The tiles would always feel cold no matter what temperature a forced air furnace would be set at, not to mention it would constantly be running. The radiant heating system was expanded to a set of outside steps that lead into the back yard. This ensured that the aging home-owners wouldn’t have to worry about snow or ice on the steps.

These particular clients were worldly travelers, and because of recent health issues they no longer can live the lifestyle to which they were accustomed. The idea to create this room with a “European feel” ensured that the homeowners could experience all four Michigan seasons in sense, smell and vision.

SILVER: PGA Design Build
Bethesda, Md.

BRONZE: Excel Interior Concepts
Lemoyne, Pa.