Kitchens Over $100,000

Gold Winner
Doug Walter Architects, Denver, Colo.

Silver Winner:
Arclinea Boston
Boston, Mass.

Bronze Winner:
Landis Construction Washington, D.C.

Part of a whole-house remodel, this new kitchen literally reinvented the character of a new-ish spec home that graces the 13th hole of an exclusive golf club in Castle Pines, Colo. While centrally located, the existing kitchen was a cave tucked off from the rest of the open floor plan. A curving countertop evoked the feeling of an office reception desk. And then there were the existing cabinets.

“The cabinets,” says Doug Walter, “seemed to say: ‘We’re running out of money. What kind of cabinets can you get me for $15,000?’ ”

Walter and his team rectified these problems pulling the entire space further out into the center of the first floor. They added a free-form soffit to mirror a new island built below, which played well against the harder lines of the original space. They also added a contemporary styled loggia that subdivided the space separating pathways from seating areas. The loggia uses cherry veneer, stainless accents, brushed metal mesh and art glass.

The new kitchen cabinets pick up the cherry theme with a laminate Euro-styled slab door. A stainless accent at the top of the cabinets ties in with the loggia detail and the stainless appliances.

SILVER: Arclinea Boston
Boston, Mass.

BRONZE: Landis Construction
Washington, D.C.