PCBC Preview 2006

The start of summer brings with it the annual Pacific Coast Builders Conference in San Francisco. Set on the same platform as 2005, builders will be networking, learning about new trends and exploring new products in the building industry.

The 2006 PCBC event is expected to be bigger and better than any show in its history. This expectation includes attendees, exhibitors and educational opportunities. “Last year we had 29,922 verified attendees and this year we have 33,000 verified attendees,” says Deana Vladic, communications specialist for PCBC. “The show will also feature 725 exhibitors covering 230,000 net sq. ft.”

This year’s show brings a new addition — Moscone West. “Moscone West is the setting for the PCBC Campus,” Vladic adds. “The expansion adds more than 200,000 sq. ft. of new space dedicated entirely to education. There are more sessions in every major subject track and a broader range of subjects.”

Moscone West also includes conversation corners created to encourage conversation and networking between attendees plus wireless Internet access anywhere in Moscone West, adds Vladic.

Every year PCBC features a number of speakers discussing different areas of interest in the building industry. “Among our speakers are historian David McCullough who will tie in historical trends with modern decision making; economist Steven Levitt, who will explain the thinking behind his book Freakonomics; Tom Kelley, the world’s leading design consultant specializing in innovation and product development; and JetBlue Airlines’ marketing expert Amy Curtis-McIntyre, who will explore how a company can make smart choices to win market share,”Vladic says.

For those looking for the highest-rated products at the show, keep an eye out for PCBC’s Cool Products signs. Every year, products are chosen as Cool Products of the show. “We send out nine surveys consisting of eight or nine products each to those who are currently registered for the upcoming show,” Vladic says. “Each attendee then rates the products from ‘Yawn’ (1) up to ‘Totally Cool’ (5). The products that receive the highest scores receive a ‘Cool Products’ award. This list can be found in the show guide.” These products also appear on the following pages.

Even though the show is driven by those on the Pacific-Coast, Vladic adds that all builders across the country should attend the event. “PCBC features the latest trends in the building industry and is a one-stop shop for builders to get all the information on what’s happening in one place,” Vladic says. “PCBC is constantly changing and growing, and this year will be bigger and better than any year before.”

1. Luxury Windows offers its Curved Lift & Slide patio door. The operating mechanism lowers the door on the dual-compression seal at the bottom of the sliding panel, creating a weather-tight seal.


2. The Phoenix water heater from Heat Transfer Products is a 95 percent efficient modulating water heater designed to heat domestic hot water and heat a house. It’s a stainless steel direct-fired water heater in capacities of 100,000 Btu, 130,000 Btu and 199,000 Btu in tank sizes of 50, 80 or 119 gal.


3. Quest Solutions offers its Takeoff 2.0, a software that gives estimators the ability to generate takeoffs directly from digital plan files. It is designed to eliminate hassles and expenses of dealing with paper blueprints.


4. The new High Density 1/4-in. DensShield Tile Backer from Georgia-Pacific is used as an underlayment beneath tile flooring. The high-density core has a compression rating greater than 1,500 psi that ensures tile floors maintain their integrity over time.


5. Open Energy Corp. offers its roofing membrane that is weatherproof, fire rated, hail repellant and features a reinforced lamination that protects crystalline cells from damage or breakage.


6. SureSill’s HeadFlash Flex is the newest addition to its integrated flashing system for windows and doors. It can be easily cut to length on-site and is simple to install.


7. The Easy-Arch is designed to offer an easier way to make arched doorways while lowering construction costs and improving quality control. It’s a preformed 25-gauge galvanized steel framing arch that can be quickly nailed in place during framing.


8. BrassCraft offers its SureConnect, a new system for water supply connections. Key to the system is its preformed stub-out anti-rotation design that prevents rotation of the stop while offering 45-degree indexing to position the outlet in any direction.


9. The new fiberon Tropics from Fiber Composites has subtle color variation from board to board that eliminates color risk from different batches. It doesn’t gray like real tropical hardwoods. It’s available in jatoba and mahogany.


10. Fi-Foil offers its Silver Shield radiant barrier for energy efficiency. It’s made with multilayers of aluminum foil and paper materials designed to reduce the transfer of heat from the roof by as much as 97 percent.