Product Focus: Columns and Moldings

Fypon offers a selection of durable urethane Art Deco mouldings using rounded corners, stepped forms and geometrical rhythm. It can be used for both interior and exterior projects.


NMC America’s Domostyl is an alternative exterior moulding product to traditional wood. Made from high-density polyurethane, it is covered with an exterior PVC foil for UV protection and humidity resistance. It is also treated to withstand weathering and requires little maintenance beyond installation.


PermaWrap cellular PVC columns are the latest addition to HB&G’s line of synthetic columns. It is a one-piece, wrap-around square column that will not rot, split or warp. It can be used on either the interior or exterior of a house.


Fiberglass columns by Dixie-Pacific are structural and load-bearing so they can be easily incorporated into the interior of a home as the exterior. They are available in a variety of diameters and heights, starting as small as a 6 in. diameter by 8 ft. tall and reaching a diameter of 3 ft. by 30 ft. tall.


Century Architectural Decorative Mouldings collection encompasses five distinctive product groups: crown and cornice, companion, chair rail and frieze, Centreflex radius and the Formaflex contour. Centreflex radius and Formaflex Contour mouldings, a resin-saturated polyurethane, can be ordered from any length-moulding product.


Melton Classics’ new Architectural Urethane cornice line is comprised of numerous moulding profiles complete in preprimed 12-in. sections. It is designed to reduce installation labor, caulking and painting costs.


Gossen Corp. introduces its new line of Select PVC trimboard for fascias, soffits, friezes or window and door trims. It uses smooth-edge technology on all four sides, with one side having a smooth surface and the opposite side having a smoothened wood-texture appearance.


Windsor Mill’s WindsorONE Mouldings Collection is a unique whole-room concept. Pictured is the Classical Colonial Style, complete with a crown, header cap and chair rail. Other styles in the collection include the Classical Craftsman Style, the Greek Revival Style and the Colonial Revival Style.


Chadsworth’s 1.800.Columns Custom Pergola uses PolyStone support columns that are unaffected by moisture or insects. Custom Pergolas come in two-, four-, six- and eight-column kits that also include attic/plinth bases, beams, lattice pieces and Roman Doric capitals.


Architectural Products by Outwater offers an assortment of round and square Classical, Colonial and Non-Tapered Columns with plain or fluted shafts. The columns are available in wood, structural fiberglass, decorative composite, aluminum and PVC pipe. Columns are stocked in heights from 8 ft. to 12 ft. with 6-in. to 12-in. diameters as well as custom columns in heights up to 26 ft. with 36-in. diameters.


Royal Crown Limited offers its line of Prime-Coated Columns, ready to accept finish color desired. The columns can be used inside a home for a decorative look or outside on a porch. They are available in 8-, 10-, and 12-ft. column heights.


Foam Factory manufactures lightweight columns with corinthian caps, temple of winds caps, and ionic column caps, as well as mouldings and other architectural ornaments. It’s available in cut coral, sand or knockdown finishes.


Bendix Architectural Products offer its Gesso Collection mouldings. A soft gesso made from clay mixed with wood is applied over the base moulding, which is then embossed with an ornamental pattern. Mouldings are all 9 ft. long and can be painted, stained or glazed.