Exterior Face-lift

Gold Winner
Jarett M. Crooks Architects, Trumball, Conn.

Silver Winner:
Woodbridge Builders, Fords, N.J.

Bronze Winner:
College City Remodeling Lakeville, Minn.

This exterior face-lift project designed by Jarett M. Crooks Architects LLC, of Trumbull, Conn. was an upgrade of a typical “builders colonial.” The house, set on a lake site with a lower than street elevation, had nondescript trim details, siding and a low pitch roof.

Not wanting a typical “colonial look,” the owners’ main objective was to improve the aesthetic architectural interest, without large additions or roof revisions; increase the “street appeal” of the home; improve the front entry focus, as well as take advantage of lake views.

Jarett M. Crooks Architects LLC had several challenges to face in this remodel. They weren’t able to increase the area of the home, had to deal with the proximity of the home to the street level and could not revise the roof framing. In addition, the homeowner wanted maintenance-free or low-maintenance materials used while still making the house reflect the site vs. any “builders colonial” on any site and still connect any add-on structures to create one residence building.

To break the traditional colonial look, Jarett M. Crooks Architects LLC created a shingle style look with sweep siding while revising the siding and trim to add architectural detail and appeal. The sweep details and trim added depth to the structure as well as shadow lines. The same trim and details were also used to tie all existing additions to the main residence.

To increase the lake view, of this $125,000 remodel, windows and French doors were added to the rear to increase views of the lake. A faux slate roofing tile was also installed to increase the depth to the roof and increase appeal from the street line of sight.

SILVER: Woodbridge Builders
Fords, N.J.

BRONZE: College City Remodeling
Lakeville, Minn.