Residential Specialty

Gold Winner
HomeMasons, Inc., Manakin-Sabot, Va.

Silver Winner:
BBJ Inc.
Martinsville, N.J.

Bronze Winner:
Bethany, Conn.

This custom-designed vanity was part of a complete master bath remodel in Richmond, Va. The homeowner, an interior designer, is a highly regarded collector of fine 20th century contemporary “art” furniture. HomeMasons, Inc.’s objective was to design and construct a vanity that is suitable for its intended purpose, as well as meet with the client’s interest in contemporary high design. In particular, the home-owner wanted simple wood furniture that was not so much reminiscent of cabinetry as it was functional art, simplistic and made of fine materials.

The greatest challenge included striking a fine balance between artful simplicity and elegant detail in design. Arriving at a suitable design for such a discerning collector was no small feat for HomeMasons, Inc. the degree of craftsmanship required to execute such a nontraditional design was extraordinary.

Of the scores of prospective designs considered for the vanity cabinets, the very best idea was suggested by the homeowner —reminiscent of her favorite forms and materials from her furniture collection, and was fine-tuned by HomeMasons, Inc. design department. A local furniture maker was engaged to create the unique pieces of vertical grain white oak and walnut.

Reference is made to traditional furniture elements through a skeleton of tapered leg forms and matching skirt. The contemporary counterpoint recessed behind contrasting slab doors and drawer fronts of opposed-grain veneers include diagonal patterning that terminate in chevron-shaped through-slab cutouts, which function as pulls.

Martinsville, N.J.

BRONZE: Roll-A-Cover
Bethany, Conn.