Product Focus: Insulated Concrete Forms

Arxx walls and foundations include insulating concrete form technology, consisting of two layers of expanded polystyrene foam wrapped around a concrete core. Its low air infiltration and thermal mass of the concrete can result in up to 50 percent energy savings over conventional construction.


PolyPro from American PolySteel is a knock-down flat wall form that is designed to be shipped as a flat panel and assembled on the job site. It’s available in a variety of wall thicknesses from 4 to 24 in.


The GBLOX panel system is the latest addition to the Greenblock product line. This field-assembled knockdown insulated concrete form system has the same design features and is fully compatible with Greenblock’s traditional fixed-web systems and includes brick ledges in all sizes.


Using only four main components, Quad-Lock manufactures a versatile insulated concrete form. It features less air infiltration, a mold-free environment, sound-deadening benefits and a lifecycle measured in centuries.


The 15-in. iForm by Reward Wall Systems produces 10-in. steel-reinforced concrete walls that are favored for structures with high storm safety requirements and projects with deeper basements. The form is reversible, flippable and provides a 2.5-in. layer of foam around a 10-in. reinforced concrete core.


Logix Insulated Concrete Forms announces the launch of its Pilaster form, a specialty form that allows builders to quickly and simply create pilasters in the insulated concrete wall. This reduces the costs of constructing high walls and eliminates the need to introduce conventional concrete forms into a project.


Amazon Forms One offers its Grid-Wall and Grid-Corner, unitary composite block designs made of recycled EPS and cement. The weight and design of the blocks are less susceptible to blowouts, require little or no bracing and use less cement. Because it’s a cement-based composite, stucco and plaster adhere directly to its surface.


BuildBlock’s BB-845 is an 8-in. 45-degree insulated concrete form. It prevents 75 percent less outside air from infiltrating a home. It creates a monolithic concrete wall that is 10 times stronger than a wood-frame wall, can withstand hurricane and tornado strength winds, and is fire- and earthquake-resistant.


ThermoBlock is an insulated concrete form cast from class-one closed-cell polyurethane foam. It includes an internal bracing system designed to make construction easy to align and brace. It features an R-38 factor.


TF System offers its vertical insulated concrete forms to be used in the construction of exterior walls, either below or above grade. The stay-in-place forms are designed for energy efficiency, security and comfort.