At Your Command

Much like an automobile that remembers the positions of the seat, steering wheel and mirrors for multiple drivers, Kohler’s new DTV (digital thermostatic valve) allows homeowners to customize their shower experience.

“Many people shower twice a day; once in the morning, and once at night. The expectation of a shower in the morning is different than in the evening, and with the DTV you can customize your shower experience to meet your needs,” says Michael Wandschneider, senior product manager, performance showering, Kohler. “For example, you can program a cooler shower for when you’ve come home from the gym, or a warmer shower in the mornings.”

In addition to controlling water temperature, the DTV controls which outlets to use, and the sequence in which to activate them. Users can create a pattern of cycling on and off, can control them individually or collectively, or combine them with temperature variations for unique experiences. “Temperature therapy is an element the DTV offers, which is based on a spa philosophy that fluctuating between hot and cold water will invigorate or relax a person,” Wandschneider says.

The DTV can control six outlets through six different ports. “Or, if you have only four heads, you can cap off the outlets you don’t need, and those outlets will disappear from the menu so you don’t have to remember that they aren’t connected to anything,” he says.

On the control interface, users will see an LCD screen displaying settings, a menu and headers for each setting. Below that they’ll see soft-touch buttons, user presets, a power button and an arrow key that gets them in and out of all menus. Then there’s the dial that is held in place with a magnetic ring to remove for cleaning. The surface is scratch-resistant and durable.

The DTV comes in satin chrome, satin nickel and satin bronze, and can be installed in a vertical or horizontal position. The DTV is ideal for new construction or major remodeling applications because, “(A)nyone who is considering buying the DTV most likely will be creating a completely different showering environment than what they have now,” he explains.

The component behind the wall is the depth of a stud pocket, and can be remotely located. Electrical service must be supplied behind the wall, and access to the valve must be provided for servicing.

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