Tubs and Whirlpools

1. The Ensemble whirlpool bath from Sterling incorporates eight adjustable control jets to create a hydro massage experience that is unique to each person. A preinstalled and premounted pump offers a ready-to-connect installation and powers the 8-jet system. Sterling. Indicate 5 on e-Inquiry

2. Soaking tubs from Americh are extra deep and provide heat retention. The tubs are ergonomically designed for refined comfort. Americh. Indicate 6 on e-Inquiry

3. Diamond Spas fabricated this mid-contoured stainless steel whirlpool bath. The design offers reclining ends on each side of the bath with a slight elevation under the knee. This bath is undermounted in a black marble. Diamond Spas. Indicate 7 on e-Inquiry

4. Zuma Collection’s newest line, the Blueline Series, features the style of a Japanese deep soaking tub. Bathers can use the full depth of the bathtub as it lets water flow naturally over its edges into a channel. Zuma Collection. Indicate 8 on e-Inquiry

5. Lasco Bathware’s Contours luxury brand offers soft concave surfaces, pearlescent finishes and surface tension details. Included is an air bubbler and jetted whirlpool system, inline heater and one-touch functionality. Ergonomic details were considered in the design. Lasco Bathware. Indicate 9 on e-Inquiry

6. Toto’s Neorest programmable Airbath is large enough to accommodate two bathers. It includes 15 jets with spring-loaded valves to prevent backflow into the air channels. Bathers can enjoy chromatherapy from the multiple colors and displays available. Toto USA. Indicate 10 on e-Inquiry

7. MAAX Pearl Aerofeel tubs feature new check-valve technology to keep it free from mold and bacteria. The check-valve technology also allows the use of bath oils and salts without damaging or clogging the system. MAAX. Indicate 11 on e-Inquiry

8. American Standard introduces its Evolution whirlpools. It features a jet design that allows homeowners to choose the type of water flow: relaxing, gentle swirl or vigorous, deep tissue massage. It includes a horizontal overflow drain that allows for 30 percent more water. American Standard. Indicate 12 on e-Inquiry

9. The Andrea tub from MTI Whirlpools is available in lengths from 60 to 72 in. and widths from 32 to 36 in. It can be customized and ordered as a soaker or as a whirlpool with adjustable jets and an in-line heater. MTI Whirlpools. Indicate 13 on e-Inquiry

10. The Ruby free-standing tub from Neptune is available as a soaker or equipped with an air system. Three models are available: 32 by 60 in., 36 by 66 in. and 36 by 72 in. Neptune. Indicate 14 on e-Inquiry

11. Barclay Products offers its cast iron slipper bathtub with claw feet. It is 60 in. in length and is available with or without deck holes. The tub may be purchased with the outside painted white or unfinished. Finishes for the claw feet include white, polished brass, polished chrome, satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze, or unfinished. Barclay Products. Indicate 15 on e-Inquiry

12. The Sok overflowing bath from Kohler is now available in a larger two-person model. It includes seating areas at each end of the 84 by 31 1/2-in. interior bathing well. A 4-kw in-line heater maintains the temperature while a quiet 1.5-hp pump/motor recirculates water. Kohler. Indicate 16 on e-Inquiry

13. The Gallery from Jacuzzi Bath is available with Whirlpool Plus with jets for a vigorous massage or PureAir bath option for a softer massage. It’s offered in a 5- or 6-ft. oval, or in a corner configuration. Jacuzzi. Indicate 17 on e-Inquiry

14. Wasauna offers its Safe Hands Bathtub, designed for those who experience difficulty when entering and exiting a bathtub. Its design is sleek and streamlined with a clean white finish. It features handrails, a seat and door, which enables the design to serve as a walk-in bathtub. Wasauna. Indicate 18 on e-Inquiry