Product Spotlight: Roofing

1. OSI Pro-Series RT 600 roof tile adhesive is a VOC compliant product that provides uplift resistance to high winds and is able to meet the demands for fast, strong repairs and installations. This adhesive bonds to most building materials creating a water- and weather-resistant seal and comes in five colors: tan, black, terracotta, brown and gray. OSI. Indicate #58 on e-Inquiry

2. Air Vent, Inc. has recently introduced the new ShingleVent II-7 (7-in.) Class A shingle-over ridge vent. Fire rated for Class A roof decks in accordance with UL standards, ShingleVent II-7 Class A contains a fire-retardant additive that allows it to withstand temperatures in excess of 1,400 degrees F without igniting. Air Vent. Indicate #59 on e-Inquiry

3. Oakridge PRO 50 AR Deep Shadow, the premier shingle line in the Owens Corning Architectural Series, features distinct color blends and a patent pending complementary double shadow for rich dimension resembling the natural and random textured look of shake. Oakridge PRO 50 AR Deep Shadow shingles are backed by a 90-mph wind-resistance warranty and carry a UL Class A Fire Rating. Owens Corning. Indicate #61 on e-Inquiry

4. Evergreen Slate offers its roofing slate line in 14 colors and varied textures and finishes. It is designed for strength, durability, fire and water resistance, and minimal maintenance. Evergreen Slate. Indicate #62 on e-Inquiry

5. York Manufacturing Inc. presents the newest evolution in copper flashing solutions: YorkShield 106 PT. YorkShield 106 PT is fueled by York’s exclusive Everlam technology, which provides all of the benefits of copper flashing with nonasphalt adhesive and new polypropylene backing, presenting homeowners with a better looking and longer lasting roof. York Manufacturing. Indicate #63 on e-Inquiry

6. Henry Company has introduced HE286, a premium white roof coating that protects roofs with a weatherproof moisture membrane, extraordinarily high solar/UV reflectivity (91 percent), exceptional peel strength and superior longevity. This elastomeric roof coating expands and contracts during weather cycles without cracking and can be applied to roofs in a single coat without a base primer. Henry Company. Indicate #64 on e-Inquiry