2006 Kitchen Cabinet Style & Design Guide

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There is something for everyone among the offerings from today’s kitchen cabinet manufacturers. From the popular Shaker door styles in maple and oak to the sleek, contemporary styles in exotic woods such as wenge or zebra, current selections cover it all.

But today’s kitchen cabinets are about more than just good looks. While style points are important, functionality ranks high on consumers’ wish lists.
Savvy consumers know what they want, and kitchen cabinet manufacturers are responding to their requests. Corner cabinet access, built-in storage in formerly dead spaces and even message boards on cabinet fronts are all part of current cabinet design, incorporated into room designs to cater to today’s busy families. And, many of these details, which were once reserved for custom cabinet offerings, are entering the more mainstream stock and semi-custom cabinet categories.

The 23rd annual “Kitchen Cabinet Style & Design Guide” from Kitchen & Bath Design News is designed to provide current and key information to help cabinet specifiers stay on top of the latest cabinet products, materials and services. Featuring approximately 300 companies, this 21-page guide is a user-friendly, year-round reference tool for specifiers.

Information provided in this listing includes type of cabinets manufactured, target markets, number of dealers and distributors, geographic boundaries of distribution, delivery methods and more.

Since cabinet lines and offerings change frequently, KBDN suggests that product specifiers contact companies directly when additional information is required. The reader service numbers included with each listing can be used to request product information. View 2006 Kitchen Cabinet Style & Design Guide